Facts You May Not Know About Porta Potties in Reading, PA

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If you’ve been to an outdoor festival, concert, race or other public event, you’ve probably used, or at least seen, a porta potty. They’re nothing new—portable toilets have been used for decades and are usually in abundance at outdoor events—but you may be surprised to find that you probably don’t know as much about porta potties as you thought.

Luckily, we’re the experts in porta potties in Reading, PA, and we’re here to answer any and all of your questions. Here are some interesting facts about portable toilets.

They’ve been used since WWII

Porta potties were first invented in the 1940s during World War II. Laborers in shipyards were wasting time walking from the ship to the dock to use the restroom, so the shipyard managers devised a system of wooden or metal cubicles, each with a holding tank inside, to allow the laborers to relieve themselves without cutting into work time.

Porta potties were patented in 1962 and were greatly improved since the rudimentary initial versions by being easier to clean, more lightweight and more comfortable for users.

They can last over a decade

Porta potties in Reading, PA can last a surprisingly long time—over 10 years at a minimum. The trick to their long lifespan is the use of high-density polyethylene, which is a pliable plastic that helps the portable toilets absorb shock when being moved from site to site. The plastic is also very easy to clean and is resistant to rot or chemical breakdown—something we are all thankful for!

What’s with the smell?

To cover up the obvious smell, manufacturers employ numerous deodorizing techniques within each porta potty, resulting in a strong, fruity odor. Not only are scents added to the chemicals in the tank, but deodorizing disks are often hidden behind toilet paper dispensers and in other unseen places in the toilet.

Cherry and bubblegum are two of the most common smells you’ll find in porta potties because they are easy to create in-house and were two of the first to be used in the industry.

The wetness is what you think it is

If you ever enter a porta potty and notice the seat and floor are wet, we’re sorry to tell you that it is, indeed, what you think it is. One study found that over 90 percent of men and women prefer to hover over the seat rather than make contact, and since aim can be a tricky thing… your guess is more than likely correct.

Use the first in the row

If you want to avoid a messy situation at all costs, you’ll probably have the best luck by using the first porta potty in a row. Just like with indoor toilets, people assume the first toilet is the most used and skip it, opting for one farther down the line. This usually means the first stall in a row is actually the least used, and therefore the cleanest.

Porta potties are environmentally friendly

Since there is no flushing involved in every use, porta potties use up to 90 percent less water than regular toilets, making them less wasteful and better for the environment. Some venues that offer indoor plumbing still make use of portable toilets outside to help reduce their water use!

Scotties Potties is your go-to provider of porta potties in Reading, PA

It’s a fact: Scotties Potties provides top-quality porta potties for your outdoor event, construction site and more! We offer short- and long-term rentals on porta potties, handicap portable toilets, handwashing stations and comfort trailers for all your event needs.

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