Why You Need a Portable Toilet on Your Job Site

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When you manage a construction project, there are a lot of items you need to take into consideration, from the number of workers you need at the site to the types of paperwork you need to complete (and when you need to turn it in). One item that might slip through the cracks is the need for portable toilets at the job site.

You should never put your construction crews in a position where they are without toilet access for their work days. This is inconsiderate and forces them to be, at best, uncomfortable for long stretches at a time. In some areas, you are also legally required to provide access to toilet facilities at your job site.

We have worked with managers of all types of construction sites to fulfill their need for portable toilet solutions. Here are a few things you should consider whenever you are researching porta potty rental in Reading, PA.

The number of toilets you need

Your local laws may indicate that you need to provide porta potty availability, but they might not tell you exactly how many you need.

As a general rule, your workers should be able to access a porta potty as soon as they need one without having to wait for an unnecessarily long period of time. Obviously, smaller crews will need fewer porta potties than larger crews, so you should make sure to scale up the number of portable toilets you get for the job site based on the number of people working there. In addition, think about how many hours per day these workers will be on site.

The type of toilets you need

There are many different kinds of porta potties. The most basic option is the typical plastic portable restroom you’ll find at most construction sites, as well as many types of events. These can be placed on any level surface and will fulfill most of the functions you need out of a portable toilet.

Other types of portable toilets can be connected to towable trailers, or can be raised up onto roofs with cranes. Some even fold down to fit inside construction elevators so they can be placed up high in enclosed high-rise buildings. There are other options that have sinks and wash stations attached to them, and still others that are even more sophisticated, including flushing bathroom trailers.

Where they need to be placed

As part of making these porta potties “available” for your workers, they should be easily accessible from any spot on the worksite. A single area of porta potties that will be a hike for some workers at other areas of the job site will not be convenient. Therefore, you should have a reasonable plan in place for how you will position these portable toilets to make sure they are convenient for more of the workers.

For more information about porta potty rental in Reading, PA, contact the team at Scotties Potties today. We’ve been in business for over 30 years and look forward to serving you!

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