Fourth of July Picnics’ Top Priority: Where to Go #2!

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The 4th of July holiday is right around the corner, and if you’re hosting a community picnic in the park this year, you need to be prepared with proper guest accommodations. For instance, a likely event will be a firework show after dark as part of a weekend-long fair. While it’s important for you to know how many guests will be in attendance and hire private security, you also need to know the bathroom situation. Where can you get porta potty rentals? What’s the best placement at the park for the units? An expert can help answer all these questions and more.

Here’s why you should consider setting up an area for a firework show bathroom in Reading, PA this 4th of July:

  • Nature will call: First and foremost, everyone who attends your outdoor event will need to visit the bathroom at some point—especially since there will be food and drink consumption going on. Let everyone in the park know where the bathrooms are so they can head that way when nature calls.
  • All day festivities: The majority of 4th of July celebrations are all-day events. Organizers may encourage families to pack a picnic, while others let attendees know there will be vendors on-site selling food and other goodies. Regardless, if people are roaming the park for hours waiting for the firework show to start, they will at some point need to utilize a bathroom.
  • Less stress: The park you’ve reserved for your community picnic may have a restroom building, but consider the maintenance and cleanup. When you rent a portable bathroom in Reading, PA, the porta potty company delivers the units to you, comes to clean them (if you need them longer than a few hours) and picks them up at the end of your event. They are responsible for the final cleaning duties. On the other hand, use the built-in restrooms at the park and the parks department will either require you to maintain and clean them yourself, or you’ll have to pay for professional cleanup.
  • Parents need changing stations: It’s a good idea to rent a variety of portable bathroom units to accommodate all of your guests. Single units usually only have a toilet and urinal, but some trailer-style units offer baby changing stations. They may also offer other conveniences like sinks, fans and lighting.
  • Can place bathrooms nearby: If your 4th of July community fireworks event spans a wide area, you don’t want people having to walk super far in search of a bathroom. With portable bathroom units, you can place them in a few designated areas around the park. Ideally, porta potties should be set up close to the event, but not too close to food vendors, games, picnic areas and other festivities.

For the best portable bathroom rentals in Reading, PA, reach out to Scotties Potties. We will do the math for you and suggest the ideal number of portable restrooms you’ll need to rent for any size event and any number of guests!

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