Mind Your Pees (and Qs) with These Porta Potty Etiquette Tips

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Let’s face it—no one is ever really excited about using a porta potty. They’re often smelly and certainly aren’t as comfortable as doing your business in a private bathroom. But porta potties can’t always be avoided. They’re vital fixtures at construction sites, outdoor events, concerts and tons of other fun places that you don’t want to miss out on. A porta potty can get messy quick during both big and small events, as hundreds or even thousands of people come in and out of the portable bathroom during the span of one day. That’s why porta potty etiquette is so important.

Following a few tips will help keep porta potties in Reading, PA cleaner and ensure everyone can avoid a miserable bathroom experience:

  • Wait your turn: We understand that sometimes you just really have to go, but it’s still important to wait your turn. Never cut the line, even if it seems to span for miles, at the farmers market or festival. Don’t hop ahead of everyone else by “finding a friend at the front,” or wander away and expect to get the same spot.
  • Be efficient: A porta potty is not the place to dawdle. Countless other people are likely waiting to relieve themselves. Don’t waste time re-applying makeup, making a phone call or seeking refuge from the heat. Do your business and then exit quickly so someone else can have their turn.
  • Use toilet paper sparingly: A porta potty can fill up quickly, and shoving excessive toilet paper down the toilet certainly won’t help. Don’t place toilet paper and waste products in the urinal, either. Toilets used by women fill up even faster, as ladies require toilet paper every time they go to the bathroom, unlike men.
  • Flush smart: While there’s no flushing involved with porta potties, it’s still important to be mindful of what goes down the toilet. Don’t dispose of feminine products in the toilet, and never throw trash down porta potties in Reading, PA. These invasive items can clog the toilet and cause it to fill up faster. Just throw trash in the receptacle where it belongs.
  • Tidy up: Be kind and tidy up for the next person once you’ve done your business. As grossed out as you might be, just think of the next person. People are in a hurry and want to avoid the emotional scars of your mess and everyone else’s. Make sure the toilet paper makes it into the toilet, put down the seat and wipe away any residue left behind. The person who walks into the porta potty next will thank you!

A little bit of etiquette really does go a long way when it comes to porta potties in Reading, PA. Looking to rent a porta potty for your next event? Call Scotties Potties! We offer porta potties and rentable toilets. We even offer comfort trailers equipped with air conditioning, heating and running water to fit everyone’s needs. Contact us today to learn more about what we can offer!

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