Answers to Your Biggest Porta Potty Questions

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Most people have used a porta potty at some point in their life. Maybe they’ve been to an outdoor concert or event, or have used a porta potty at an outdoor recreation center while they were camping. However, you may not have considered how comfort stations in Reading, PA really work. Once you start thinking about it, you may discover there’s plenty you don’t know. Read on to learn everything you thought you knew about porta potties:

  • Determining quantity: You may wonder how the organizers of events determine how many porta potties they need to rent to accommodate the number of people expected at the event. Roughly speaking, organizers will ensure that there is at least one comfort station in Reading, PA for every 60 people in attendance. However, for athletic events such as races, there may be as many as one station for every 10 people, since they are going to be used so frequently.
  • Cost: As far as cost goes, for basic units, they range from $50 to $150, depending on how far the units have to be transported. However, for a more luxurious comfort station, you can pay even more for extra amenities like additional space, shelving, hand washing in the unit and more. Units with hand sanitizers, mirror, purse shelves and hover handles cost about $10 more per unit.
  • Lines: You may wonder why organizers always set porta potties up the way they do, causing line confusion and difficulty in management. However, suppliers make suggestions about how best to configure toilets for efficient use. Some organizers line them up, and some make a U shape. Some configurations are hampered by available space at the event. However, U shapes are the most successful and make it easiest to see which units are open all at once.
  • Explain the smell: You may have heard many people complain about the smell associated with porta potties, and it seems unique to these comfort stations in Reading, PA rather than to bathrooms in general. That’s because manufacturers hide deodorizing disks behind hand sanitizers and add scents to the tank like cherry or bubble gum to mask smells of waste.
  • Disposal: After the event, the tanks in the porta potties need to be emptied. That means workers will run a hose from a truck to suck everything from the tank. Then, the toilet needs to be cleaned and refilled with the blue liquid. Trucks carry about 1,500 gallons of waste and 500 gallons of precharge (fresh water with precharge mix). If the unit is being moved to a new location, it will also be pressure washed.

You probably didn’t know there was so much planning that went into ensuring comfort stations in Reading, PA were up to standards. If you’re in need of porta potties for your next event, Scotties Potties can provide you with clean, accommodating and routinely serviced portable toilets. We can provide rental rates and terms based on your event, so give us a call today to find out more!

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