How to Practice the Best Hygiene While Using a Portable Toilet

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Whether you’re working on a construction site or you’re attending a music festival in your home town, you’ve likely come across a portable toilet or two. These on-site accommodations are integral for containing or outright eliminating disease and bacterial growth in a number of environments. Of course, as helpful as a porta potty can be, if they’re not utilized correctly, using a porta potty can be, well, kind of unpleasant.

Not to worry! Here are some helpful tips to keep clean using a portable toilet in Reading, PA.

Proper placement is key

When it comes down to it, it’s essential to keep in mind that portable toilets are receptacles for human waste. Over the course of the day, they accrue deposits of every variety. What’s more, there isn’t a lot of insulation in a typical portable toilet. In other words, on a hot summer day, the area surrounding a portable toilet can be a haven for bacteria as well as a generally unpleasant place to be.

To counteract those issues, make sure that your portable toilets are placed in an area that is far away from the festivities, and as far from food preparation and serving areas as possible. If you can find a nice shady spot for your outdoor toilets, that’s always a plus, too.

Say “yes” to hand-washing stations

In recent years, the companies that rent portable toilets have added a novel new item to their product guides: a mobile hand-washing station. Hand-washing stations come with soap and paper towel dispensers as well as complete running water. This makes them an ideal way to encourage the best hygiene practices after using a portable toilet in Reading, PA.

When an adequate number of portable hand-washing stations are placed in close proximity to portable toilets, they can do wonders to stop the spread of harmful infectious diseases.

Rent two more than you think you’ll need

One often-overlooked reason that portable toilets can become unpleasant is simple overuse. When a portable toilet is subjected to repeated, extensive use, it can quickly turn smelly and become a bacteria trap. That’s why it is critical to make sure that you have enough toilets that they are allowed time to air out in between uses.

Renting too few portable toilets is also an excellent way to alienate employees or customers quick and in a hurry.

Make use of odor control products

A lot of modern portable toilet purveyors can also provide extra scent-controlling add-ons that will help restrict the spread of odors. While these products are often advertised as an add-on, they are absolutely worth the investment if you want to keep your portable toilet patrons as happy as possible.

Call on Scottie’s Potties

At Scottie’s Potties, we have tons of ways to help you keep clean using a portable toilet in Reading, PA. That’s just one part of our ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction. When you need the area’s best portable toilet service, make it Scottie’s Potties and rest easy. Visit us online or give us a call today. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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