The FDA on Hand Sanitizer: When Soap and Water Is Unavailable

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These days, hand sanitizer is used more frequently than ever. Not only is hand sanitizer very effective at killing germs, it’s also very convenient and easy to use on the go and when washing with soap and water isn’t an available option. Unfortunately, not all hand sanitizers are effective or even safe to use. With that in mind, consider some of the FDA recommendations for hand sanitizers in Reading, PA.

The problem with some types of hand sanitizer

People generally assume that most hand sanitizer products are essentially the same, but there are actually lots of differences between different types of hand sanitizer from different brands that impact safety and performance. Hand sanitizer is a very common product in homes, businesses and public spaces, but it’s classified as an over-the-counter drug because of its use and the strength of its ingredients.

There are a few different issues that impact FDA recommendations for hand sanitizers in Reading, PA. One of the common problems that will land a hand sanitizer on the FDA’s do-not-use list is potentially toxic types of alcohol. If a hand sanitizer formulation is made with an unusual or unsafe type of alcohol, it can cause all kinds of problems. Another common issue with hand sanitizer is an improper ratio of active ingredient, which can prevent the sanitizer from working effectively. The FDA has also published warnings about hand sanitizers with false or misleading labelling and marketing.

Best hand sanitizers in Reading, PA

If you’re wondering where to find the best hand sanitizers in Reading, PA, the FDA’s sanitizer guidelines are a good place to start. The FDA also has a list on its website of hand sanitizer manufacturers to avoid. This is a great place to look to make sure you aren’t buying hand sanitizer that is unsafe or ineffective. If you learn that any of the hand sanitizer you currently have is on the do-not-use list, throw it away immediately and replace it with a safer and more reliable product.

Setting aside the hand sanitizer options that the FDA has deemed unsafe or ineffective, there are lots of reliable, safe hand sanitizer products on the market. For the best results, choose hand sanitizer that is alcohol-based and has at least 60 percent ethyl alcohol on the label. Anything less than that level of potency can seriously reduce the effectiveness of the hand sanitizer. Even with quality hand sanitizer, it’s still important to wash your hands whenever you have the chance. Washing with soap and water is a very effective preventative method for reducing the spread of viruses and infections.

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