Restroom Trailers: A Fancier Option Than Standard Portable Toilet Rental in Reading, PA

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Porta potties are an easy public toilet solution for cities, but what if you need to provide bathroom accommodations for large or formal events? You may be asking yourself, is there really a fancier option than the standard portable toilet rental in Reading, PA? Yes, there is! Here are some of the advantages of opting for the more luxurious portable restroom trailer for your next big event:

  • They look nicer: On the outside, restroom trailers appear more inviting than standard porta potties. They have a nice modern look, which means they won’t be eyesores at your event. In fact, the stylish appearance of these trailers make them perfect for any number of events, including corporate functions, concerts and outdoor weddings.
  • They have home-like amenities: Single unit portable toilets are notorious for not having essentials like toilet paper and seat covers; restroom trailers have these and more. Amenities include stainless steel sinks, elegant countertops, hard surface flooring, heat and air and even music.
  • The toilets flush: Be thankful that the event organizer opted for a restroom trailer instead of a porta potty, because the trailer has flushable toilets! This convenient feature makes you feel right at home, and ensures a clean toilet for the next user. Having flushable portable toilets at your function will leave a good impression on your guests.
  • The sinks are inside: Since a restroom trailer has flushing toilets, and therefore a plumbing system, that means there are also sinks with running water. Your guests get hot and cold water to wash their hands.
  • They’re built with multiple units: Unlike a single unit standard portable toilet rental in Reading, PA, a restroom trailer comes with many units to accommodate several users at any given time.

For your convenience, Scotties Potties offers two unique styles of comfort trailer portable bathrooms:

  • Restroom trailers for all types of events: Our event-grade restroom trailer rentals are a must-have for when you need to accommodate a big crowd. Each rental is built with 10 units to handle several occupants at a time; it’s split to allow one side for women and the other for men, and sinks are included. For user convenience, trailers have individual waste and water supply tanks. These trailers are ideal for corporate events, community fundraisers, church socials, festivals, marathons and more!
  • Restroom comfort trailers for weddings: Unless you select a venue dedicated to special events, your chosen wedding location may not come with bathroom accommodations. But don’t ditch the location just yet! Rent our luxurious wedding-grade restroom trailers, designed with both women and men in mind. Our comfort trailers have air conditioning, heat, oak trim and even music playing. For added comfort, the women’s side has a vanity, mirror and sink in addition to toilets, while the men’s side is fitted with a toilet, urinal and a running sink.

Now that you know about comfort restroom trailers, you can reserve however many you need for your next special event. There’s no doubt that your guests will appreciate it! Contact the staff at Scotties Potties anytime for more information about the area’s best portable toilet rental in Reading, PA!

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