Porta Potties: From the Factory to Your Event

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Porta potties are a mainstay of many events, including summer festivals, concerts and weddings. They’re also used at construction sites and other outdoor job locations. But have you ever wondered about the life cycle of your portable toilet? Every porta potty goes through an interesting journey from the factory to your job site or event. Read on to learn more about the different stages in every porta potty’s life.

First days in the factory

Most porta potties begin in a factory. They are made from polyurethane plastic, which is first melted down, then molded into sheets. The sheets cool down and are then cut into the right shape and size. These plastic sheets make up all components of a porta potty.

Machinery creates several porta potty components, while others are done by hand. The same is true for all types of portable toilets made in Reading PA, including portable camping toilets and more.

A good porta potty comes with plenty of great features, including a ventilation system and large holding tanks. Some modern toilets even come installed with a sink for washing your hands. If you want an even fancier portable toilet, consider asking about mirrors, counters or nice lighting.

Brand new to middle aged

Brand-new porta potties are often found at festivals and similar events. They are usually free of scratches or other types of damage. Since brand-new portable toilets haven’t seen as much use, they appear cleaner.

Portable toilets later in their life often show signs of wear and tear. These might include scratches, dents and more. It’s important to note that you can still use these toilets—they just won’t look quite as nice as new ones.

The end of a porta potty

The end of a portable toilet’s life is when it’s no longer useful. Just like with any product, years of use will eventually put a portable toilet out of commission. Old porta potties show major signs of damage and are often harder to clean as a result.

Finding porta potties

There are many things to consider before ordering porta potties for your event or job site. Consider how many people will be using the toilets. You don’t want to get a minimal number of toilets and end up having lines that last forever.

There are several options available when it comes to portable toilets, and it’s important to consider all of them. Standard portable toilets are inexpensive and easy to install. Events that require several porta potties often opt for the standard option. It’s also important to order a few handicap-friendly toilets as well. Handicap-accessible toilets are larger and easier to access.

It’s also good to consider the weather forecast when preparing your porta porty order. Make sure to have your porta potties properly secured in case of high winds or rain. You might also consider renting a tent to place over the porta potties if there’s a chance of rain or snow.

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