Why Is There a Porta Potty Shortage?

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The year 2020 will likely be remembered primarily for the COVID-19 pandemic. It changed how people around the world gathered, traveled and worked. It also kept many people at home, as events where hundreds or thousands of people congregated were canceled. But with the release of the vaccines, outdoor events with large crowds like festivals, road races and street fairs are back on the menu.

With an increase in outdoor events and because eventgoers need places to relieve themselves, there’s been a spike in porta potty rentals. In fact, the spike has been so great that there’s now a shortage of porta potties. Here’s more on why there’s a porta potty shortage.

Increased demand

As touched on above, COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted and more outdoor gatherings are being held, which increases the need for porta potty rentals. But that’s not the only reason there’s more of a demand for portable toilets.

Safety precautions create new clients

Due to the new focus on cleanliness, porta potty companies are receiving new orders from sectors that have never needed portable toilets before.

For example, some warehouses are placing portable toilets outside their loading docks so truck drivers can use the restroom without having to enter the facility, reducing contact between drivers and warehouse employees.

Truck terminals and gas stations have also both begun installing portable toilets due to the pandemic.

Supply chain disruptions

The pandemic created problems with the supply chain in numerous industries, and portable toilets are no exception. Plastic shortages along with manufacturing delays have led to a backlog of orders for portable toilet companies, and this has contributed to the porta potty shortage.

Instead of ordering several porta potties and having them manufactured and shipped to them in a few weeks, it’s now taking multiple months for companies to receive the portable toilets they’ve ordered.

This problem is even worse for luxury portable toilets, which have a higher demand due to their high quality. This is because their parts are commonly used in recreational vehicles and air conditioners, and those industries are taking priority.

More service needs

A sizable portion of portable toilet companies’ business is in the servicing of portable toilets. This means having them cleaned and drained and having their toiletries like hand sanitizer and toilet paper restocked. A renewed focus on sanitation has caused those who use portable toilets for long-term projects like construction sites to request more frequent service.

Because portable toilet companies only have a limited number of employees, and they tend to prioritize existing customers, this has made it take longer to receive porta potties that have been requested. In fact, portable toilet companies are recommending that people looking to rent porta potties put their orders in at least two weeks in advance, with many larger event planners booking the necessary porta potties months or even a year ahead of time.

Call for your porta potties today

Whether you’re throwing a huge party or just need a place for construction workers to use the bathroom, plan ahead, and give us a call at Scotties Potties. Our goal is to make your event or job site run smoothly by providing high quality and well-kept portable toilets. Reach out to learn more and place your order.

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