Tips for Keeping a Portable Toilet Clean and Fresh

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With summer comes an abundance of outdoor events. Many times, outdoor events require a need for patrons to use the restroom, though there may not be traditional facilities available. Enter the portable toilet.

Porta potties are a great solution to the outdoor bathroom problem many big outdoor event planners face. Though you’ll receive weekly maintenance on your portable toilets, depending on the size and scope of your event, that might not be often enough. You may be wondering, “How do you clean a porta potty?” This article will cover how to clean a porta potty between scheduled service.

Keep supplies stocked

You should be regularly checking your portable toilets whenever possible to ensure they have the requisite toiletries adequately stocked. This includes toilet paper, hand sanitizer, air fresheners and droppable in-tank cleaning tablets. Making sure patrons have what they need to use the bathroom in a sanitary manner can help overall cleanliness.

Air it out

One of the biggest contributors to the unpleasant odors in portable toilets is insufficient ventilation. Though most porta potties have air vents up near the top of the unit, this is often not enough during the hot summer months. When the door is constantly closed, the smells have no place to go. When the units aren’t being used, having the doors open for as little as 30 minutes could do wonders for the odor of the interiors.

Use deodorizers

While the portable toilet company you use will provide their own smell-control agents, if your porta potties are going to be receiving heavy traffic, there are measures you can take yourself. We briefly touched on this above, but you can and should use odor-controlling cleaning tablets that can be dropped into the tank, in addition to standard air fresheners that can be placed inside the unit but outside the tank.

Clean points of contact

When people use a porta potty, they will typically all be touching the same areas. These are called contact points or touch points. The most common contact points are the door handle, the toilet paper holder and the hand sanitizer dispenser. When scores of people all touch these areas, they get dirtier than any other portion of the unit.

So, you should focus your cleaning on these points of contact to maximize your efficiency. The best way to clean contact points is by using rubber gloves, a strong cleaning product that can kill germs and a rag folded into fourths.

You’ll now employ the eight-fold cleaning method. This involves taking the rag, using one surface to clean the area, then turning it over to use the other surface. You can then fold the rag over to expose two new unused surfaces of the rag and use those to clean the touch points. Repeat the process until you’ve used all the surfaces, then get a new rag. To get the hang of it, you can number each section of the rag before you begin and practice until you’re comfortable.

Call for portable toilet service today

Now that you’ve read this article, you’ll no longer have to ask, “How do you clean a porta potty?” The above tips are just a few of the steps you can take to maintain your portable toilets. When you want people who are practiced in how to clean a porta potty, give Scotties Potties a call. We’re the industry experts when it comes to installing and servicing portable toilets, and we’d love to work with you in planning your outdoor event this summer.

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