How to Choose the Right Porta Potty for Your Event

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There are many different types of porta potties. Some of them are specialized for industrial uses like construction sites, and some include extra features that might not be necessary but are nice to have. The question is: How do you choose which is right for your event?

There may be some obvious outliers you can immediately cross off your list. For starters, unless you’re ordering porta potties for a construction site, you can cross a few different styles off your list. Those include types of porta potties that are made for lifting via crane to upper floors of buildings (crane-hook porta potties) and high-rise (also known as “rolling”) porta potties that are on wheels and are made to be rolled into construction elevators.

But outside of construction-specific porta potties, there are still many different styles that can work for a variety of events. Here are some other types of porta potties to consider.

Standard porta potties

The standard porta potty is the most commonly-seen unit. This is a single-unit portable toilet that does not flush and does not have a sink. These units have a lock that lets others know the unit is occupied. It’s best for short-term events since these units have a smaller holding tank.

Fancy porta potties

There are a few different types of “upscale” porta potties to consider in addition to the standard models. These can range in features. Many include flushable toilets with a handwashing station, mirror and side urinal. They are often a similar size to a standard porta potty but with a larger holding tank.

Some porta potties are even more luxurious. These are often on a towable trailer and are more like a residential restroom inside with flushing toilets, running water, counter space and even some light design touches. These are often used for weddings, corporate events and other luxury situations.

Other considerations

There are, of course, other considerations to take into account besides just how fancy you need the porta potty to be. For example, you should consider handicap- or wheelchair-accessible porta potties. These single-unit porta potties are wider than standard units and come equipped with a ramp and handrails, as well as a lower toilet seat and anti-slip materials. These units may be standard or luxury models.

You may also need to consider changing stations for any guests with infants. These can sometimes be found in luxury units themselves, but they can also be rented as standalone units.

Finally, you may need to have handwashing stations available in addition to toilets. While many luxury porta potties will have this amenity built-in, it’s also possible to have standalone handwashing stations with running water and soap dispensers.

As you can see, not all porta potties are created equal. When you need help choosing between different types of porta potties for your next event, get in touch with the experienced pros at Scotties Potties for the best service and advice. We look forward to helping you prepare for your event and ensuring your guests have the restroom access they need!

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