From Safety Gear to a Portable Toilet Rental in Reading, PA, Here Are Five Things Every Construction Site Needs

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Like most people, you probably appreciate the convenience of accessible restroom accommodations, no matter where you are—especially if you have to be a work for eight hours or more each day. Now, imagine you’re a construction worker. What are your bathroom options? From safety gear to convenient portable toilet rental in Reading, PA, here’s a short list of things every construction site needs:

  • Pickup truck or UTV: It’s not uncommon to find heavy machinery, trucks and specialized equipment—like tractors, bulldozers and cranes—at a construction site. After all, they are often needed to knock down, break apart and clear away worksite debris. But every construction team should have a pickup truck or utility task vehicle (UTV) on hand for smaller hauling jobs and pulling lighter-weight materials. Pickup trucks and UTVs are also convenient modes of transportation for workers needing to get around large job sites quickly.
  • Lifesaving gear: The safety gear you wear may depend on the type of work you are doing. For the most part, workers on a construction site should wear a hard hat, safety harness, safety jacket and work gloves, as well as headlamps if working at night or in dark areas. These pieces of lifesaving gear are worn by everyone working on a construction site, from the people doing manual labor to management and visiting officials.
  • Porta potties: Arranging for the delivery of portable toilets should be near the top of any foreman’s to-do list, because when you gotta go, you gotta go! The foreman should assess the size of the construction site to get a better idea of how many porta potties are needed, then map out where to put them. At Scotties Potties, we offer standard porta potties, 1.5 size portable units and ADA compliant handicap units. Give us a call and tell us what you need!
  • Portable cabins: Another construction site essential is a portable cabin (or two), which is a movable, trailer-like office building. These cabins are hauled in on trailers or transported by crane to construction sites, and can be moved as needed. Portable cabins are perfect for site foremen and managers to set up their home base, office, break rooms, storage spaces, resting areas, changing rooms, etc.—or for security guards to set up their post.
  • Generators: Because your construction site may not be close to a power source—or not have enough power—to operate certain equipment, it’s a good idea to have generators at the ready. A generator is a machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy; in short, it produces the electricity you need. Generators are portable, making them perfect for construction sites as a regular power source or emergency backup power.

Do you want your construction crew to have round-the-clock access to restroom facilities on-site? If so, give us a call today! The great thing about every portable toilet rental in Reading, PA from Scotties Potties is that you can choose to rent them short-term or long-term. Simply let us know when and where, and we’ll deliver!

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