Planning to Rent Portable Toilets in Reading, PA? Take Proper Placement Into Consideration

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Regardless of the weather forecast, any outdoor event without nearby bathroom facilities will need portable restroom accommodations, such as easily accessible porta potties or special event luxury trailers. But ordering the rental units is only one step—having the perfect spot for them is a completely separate matter. While some sites are not at all desirable for a porta potty setup, with a little planning, most can work even when conditions are less than favorable. You just need to keep a few things in mind.

If you are planning to rent portable toilets in Reading, PA, then there are some considerations you really want to take into account about proper porta potty placement.


There are several crucial things to keep in mind when deciding on a location for your rented porta potties. First, you need a space that is easily accessible for the delivery truck to unload and load the units. You also should choose an area that all your guests can access without difficulty. Furthermore, the site should be level and dry to keep the truck and toilet units from sinking into the ground.

You need to be especially on top of backyard situations. If you order a porta potty for a backyard party, you should know that setting it down anywhere on your lawn when it’s raining is not a good idea. Portable toilets are delivered on trucks, and driving a heavy truck through any yard to place a porta potty is likely to cause serious damage to the grass. Don’t ruin your yard! Plan ahead to place a porta potty at least 30 feet close to a hard surface, or locate it on the street or another type of concrete surface.


Before ordering porta potties, get their dimensions—standard units are smaller than handicapped units or luxury trailers—and measure out the area where you want to place them. Once again, the delivery truck needs to be able to get into the space and maneuver the unit into position without getting stuck. Additionally, consider any nearby structures or fixtures to avoid damage to property or the portable toilets themselves.

Service needs

Your porta potty rentals may require servicing during the time you have them. One obvious service is that the toilets may need emptying. For weekend or days-long events, this can be done while guests are not there; otherwise, it will need to happen while they’re present. Regular cleaning could be needed. Repairs to parts or functions are also possible service needs. When a porta potty service is required, the service vehicle must be able to enter the location close to the portable restroom and move around the area easily. This is another reason why porta potty placement considerations are so important.

For more information about renting portable toilets in Reading, PA, don’t hesitate to call the professionals at Scotties Potties. We’ll let you know the kinds of porta potties we have available, go over all the details with you and answer all your questions to help you choose the right units for your next event!

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