The Top Five Things Everyone Forgets When Planning an Outdoor Event—Including Porta Potty Rental in Reading, PA

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Your big event has been on the calendar for months. You have a complete checklist of items you are faithfully working through to ensure everything is in place for the big day. You hope you’ve thought of everything—but have you? A few details are often overlooked by event planners. Among the most commonly overlooked are appropriate bathroom facilities for your setting. Don’t forget porta potty rental in Reading, PA if it’s needed! Review your list for this basic essential and four other items that are often forgotten.

Permits and ordinances

Most outdoor venues require a permit. Get this documentation completed as soon as possible. It may take time to work through red tape, and you don’t want to have to cancel your event or change locations mid-planning. As you research this process, look into any ordinances that may be in place for your location. Are there fire and safety codes you must follow? Quiet hours? Check with the local police and fire departments to make sure the location is right for your event and that you follow all regulations.


This may sound obvious, but proper lighting for your event may be more involved than you initially realize. As you plan, don’t forget peripheral lighting. Your stage may look great, but what about exit paths, walkways and parking areas? Proper lighting is important to keep guests safe and provide convenient access to your event. Don’t forget to take power sources into consideration as you make these plans. Are outlets available where you will need them? Do you need special outdoor lighting? Do you have the proper cords? Get everything in place and verify your setup will work as planned.


How will you communicate with guests or with those helping to organize the event? Do you need a microphone? Megaphone? Walkie talkies? Perhaps you need to gather a list of phone numbers to share with everyone who is working the event so they can easily remain in contact during the festivities. Do you need signs to direct traffic flow or help locate a hard-to-find site? Take a mental (or physical) walk-through of your event to consider where you might need to strengthen communication for a smoother process.

Porta potty rental

Consider your venue. Are there restrooms available? If so, are there enough? You may need to include porta potty rental in Reading, PA as part of your planning. Nothing can ruin an event like a lack of comfort for guests, and a lack of restroom facilities tops the list of discomfort. Prevent long hikes to locate a restroom or long lines at the one and only bathroom by adding convenient porta potties nearby.


Don’t stop your planning process with the end of the event. It’s not over yet! The fun part may be, but there’s still work to do. Have you considered the cleanup process? Do you have workers or volunteers to help with this? Have you made arrangements for trash removal if your setting is remote? If not planned for, the cleanup of an event can prove to be overwhelming. Check with the venue to see if special arrangements should be made and plan for time after the event to get this last piece complete.

Don’t forget these essentials. Enjoy a smooth event by putting these plans in place well ahead of time. If you need porta potty rental in Reading, PA, contact Scotties Potties today. We will provide clean, quality porta potties to enhance the success of your event.

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