How Far in Advance Should You Order Portable Toilets in Reading, PA for Your Event?

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When planning an outdoor event, you may want to consider renting portable restrooms or toilets—especially if the event location is not going to be near an indoor restroom facility.

The restroom situation is often unknowingly overlooked by people not used to putting together a sizable event. For experienced party planners, though, porta potty rentals are the kind of item that’s always on their checklist for outdoor parties and events. They also know to place a rental order as soon as possible, and to do it sooner than most people would think they need to. In fact, you want to order them weeks—and in some cases months—ahead of time. Ordering too late can leave you with few options, like having to go with handicap-accessible porta potties or more expensive luxury units, because all the standard units are already rented out.

So, how far in advance should you order the portable toilets in Reading, PA that you’ll need for your upcoming event? The answer depends on a few factors, including the size of your event, the number of units needed and type of units you want.

Small events

Smaller events typically call for one to 20 porta potties—how many you need depends on how many guests are coming. For 20 porta potties or less, placing your order at least two weeks prior to the event is a good rule of thumb to follow. You want to have a good idea of the number you need just in case there’s a larger event taking place on the same day as yours. But that’s not to say a local portable toilet company might not have some units available at the last minute.

Big events

Bigger events with more guests will likely need to order 20 or more portable restrooms. Ideally, you or your party planner will want to select and order the units at least one month before the actual event date. This will be plenty of time to sign a contract and make the payment. Knowing how many and the best types of units to reserve —single stalls, multiple stalls or stalls with washing stations—is something the special event company you’ve hired can help with, but you can also ask a portable toilet company for their professional recommendation.

Luxury trailers

Outdoor weddings and other special events can benefit from wedding-grade or special event trailers. These facilities have several separate toilets in one large unit, typically with hand washing stations, a place to change your clothes and other amenities. Because of the popularity of luxury trailer units, it’s best to order trailers three months before your event, or even farther in advance during the more popular times of year for throwing big parties, like the warmer seasons.

Sometimes, you can’t help that an event is planned on such short notice—just do your best to plan! To ensure you get the exact number and type of portable toilets in Reading, PA that you need, order the rentals with as much advance notice as possible. Contact the helpful team at Scotties Potties for more information or to place an order today!

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