Five Winter Porta Potty Tips

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Below-freezing temperatures, snow over a foot deep and slippery roads and walkways are all just a sign that it’s winter in Pennsylvania. Even though winter has only officially just begun, we’re sure that you are already battening down the hatches, digging out the shovels and stocking up on salt. What you may not be thinking about is how to take care of a porta potty in the winter.

While porta potties may have you thinking of summer events like concerts and marathons, maybe even construction sites, you’d be surprised how often a porta potty becomes necessary in the winter months, too. From winter sporting events to winter job sites, you’ll still see our porta potties popping up all over the place. If you find yourself in need of porta potty rental in Reading, PA this winter, here are a few tips you may want to keep in mind:

  • Place it in direct sunlight: This may surprise you, but if it’s cold enough, porta potties can and do freeze. A frozen porta potty is no fun for anyone. However, there are a few things you can do to help prevent this from happening. One thing you can do is place the porta potty in an area that gets direct sunlight for the majority of the day. A little sun can go a long way toward keeping your porta potty from freezing up on you.
  • Shield it from strong winds: We’ve all seen the YouTube videos of porta potty tip-overs. They’re hilarious, unless you’re the person inside. While it does take a really strong wind to tip over a porta potty, tip-overs can occur when winter winds begin to blow. To be on the safe side, place the porta potty in an area that is shielded from strong winds. Not only will you help prevent a tip-over, you’ll also be avoiding the wind chill factor.
  • Don’t place in an area that may get plowed in: Try to avoid placing the porta potty near a curb or parking area if you want to avoid it getting plowed in. Not only will you have to dig out the porta potty, but it makes it difficult for us to empty and service the porta potty as well.
  • Place in an outdoor building: If it gets really cold, you may want to consider moving the porta potty into an outdoor building such as a garage or shed. This will not only make it more comfortable to do your business, but it will also help prevent the porta potty from freezing on those below-zero days.
  • Salt around the porta potty: Just like any high-traffic area, you should salt around the porta potty in the winter to avoid slips and falls. You may also want to think about keeping salt in the urinal to help keep things from freezing up in there, too.

For more tips like these, or if you are looking for a porta potty rental in Reading, PA, call Scotties Potties today! We offer a variety of porta potty rentals, as well as delivery and regular servicing options in the winter months.

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