Surprising Answers to Those Burning Porta Potty Questions

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“I love porta potties!” said no one ever. We get it. Porta potties get a lot of negativity thrown their way for several reasons, but there are actually good answers for why porta potties are the way they are. We know you have questions about porta potties and, as your local source for porta potties in Reading, PA, we have all the answers.

Where does all that “waste” go?

Ah, the most frequently asked porta potty question. Where does it all go? While we’d like to tell you we have some super-secret, high-tech way to dispose of waste, the truth is far less exciting. Porta potty waste goes to the same place waste from your in-home toilet goes: to a local sewage treatment plant. The only difference is that we get it there by truck. The waste is sucked out of the porta potty and into a holding tank through a hose. Once everything is emptied out, we drive the waste over to the sewage treatment plant, where it’s dumped. Like we said, it’s not that exciting, but now you know.

Why is everything “wet?”

We wish we could tell you that the wetness inside the port-potty is only water, but that would be a lie. The wet is, well, exactly what you think it is. The reason is because over 90 percent of people who use a porta potty choose to squat vs. putting their bare behinds directly onto the plastic toilet seat. The problem is that, unless you do squats or make a practice of squatting to do your business on a daily basis at home (which we doubt), your aim in a squatting position probably is not as on point as you would like it to be. Sorry, guys.

What’s that smell?

Not the obvious smell, but the other one that smells kind of fruity is a deodorizer that is added to the tank to help to cover the smell of all the waste. It’s not perfect, but it does help distract your nose from what would otherwise be a very unpleasant stench. It may not smell as good as your bathroom air freshener at home, but trust us—it’s better than the alternative. You’re welcome.

What’s that blue stuff?

The blue stuff is a combination of water and chemicals. Typically, that blue stuff contains the deodorizer, mentioned above, as well as anti-bacterial agents to help kill bacteria and enzymes that help speed up the decomposition of the waste. The blue color? That’s important, too. The blue color has two main purposes: 1) to help “hide” what’s in the tank from view and 2) to help indicate when the tank needs to be emptied. The blue dye turns green when combined with a certain volume of urine. Green means it’s time to empty the tank.

So, now you know all there is to know about porta-potties. If you ever find yourself in need of porta potties in Reading, PA or have any other questions we didn’t cover here, give us a call!

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