How Many Porta Potties Do I Need for My Event?

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“How many porta potties will I need?” That’s a question many people find themselves asking when planning a wedding, 5K run or company picnic. Many of these events are held outdoors where there aren’t enough bathrooms, or where any facilities are located too far away to be very convenient. That’s where the porta potty comes in. Providing porta potties for guests ensures they have access to bathroom facilities throughout the duration of the event. But determining just how many restrooms are needed is critical. Your guests could find themselves waiting extended amounts of time to use the facilities without proper planning. The situation could only get worse based on a variety of factors, such as whether alcohol is served and the female/male ratio.

Let’s take a look at a few of the factors that will help to dictate the needed amount of portable toilets in Reading, PA:

  • Number of guests: Start by getting a basic idea of how many guests will be attending the event. The more guests, the more facilities will be needed. Most professionals recommend providing one restroom for approximately every 100 guests.
  • Who’s attending: The amount of needed restrooms can fluctuate based on who is attending. For example, women tend to require more restrooms than men, as the line for the ladies’ room always manages to be notoriously long. Children typically face the same problem. Offering an extra porta potty or two based on the attendee makeup will help prevent long lines from developing.
  • Length of event: The longer people are there, the more likely they will need to use the restroom. An event scheduled for less than four hours won’t require as many facilities as one where guests will be eating, drinking and having fun for at least five hours. Plan to increase the number of restrooms accordingly based on the expected length.
  • Alcohol: Not only does serving alcohol increase the volume of liquid guests are drinking, but it will also cause increased bathroom visits. Alcohol causes drinkers to urinate more because it’s a diuretic. People will urinate 30 to 40 percent more if alcohol is served. They could take some drastic measures to relieve themselves if a bathroom isn’t readily available. It’s best to play it safe and rent a few extra restrooms for guests if alcohol will be provided at the event.

Remember to also provide access to hand sanitizing stations for larger events. Location should also be considered during the planning stages. You want the restrooms to be close by, but not too close that the smell or any lines detract from the overall party. Take the time before guests arrive to determine the best location and how much space will be needed for the restrooms and hand sanitizing stations.

Determining the exact number of porta potties needed can be a bit tricky. The professionals at Scotties Potties can help you pick the right number to keep guests happy. We can assess each detail of the event before making recommendations on numbers, placement and other important factors related to portable toilets in Reading, PA. Call us today to start planning this important part of your event.

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