Planning a Backyard Party? Use This Guide to Determine Where to Place the Porta Potties

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Warm weather is on its way, and there’s no better way to kick off the change in seasons than with a memorable backyard bash after a long winter. Food, drinks and games are all integral parts of throwing the perfect outdoor party to welcome back the beautiful spring weather. But you can’t forget the porta potties, either! There must be enough porta potties available for all of the guests in a conveniently located spot.

At the same time, the placement of portable toilets must also comply with any local sanitation laws. Plus, you don’t want to put a damper on the occasion if the guests were to get a whiff of a porta potty while celebrating. That’s why the pros at Scottie’s Potties have assembled this helpful guide to help party planners determine the best location for portable toilets in Reading, PA during residential events. Keep reading to learn more about placing portable toilets strategically.

Placing portable toilets in Reading, PA

Consider the following factors when determining where to place the porta potties at your backyard get-together:

  • Accessibility: The first step is to identify a central location that will be easily accessible for all of your guests. While this might sound obvious, it does require some planning, as identifying an ideal spot can be tricky. The bathrooms need to be placed in a location that is convenient for partygoers. At the same time, they shouldn’t block emergency vehicles or obstruct the view of any entertainment.
  • Smart placement: The porta potties need to be centrally located, but not so centrally that they become a distraction. Placing the facilities too close to an eating area can be unappetizing to guests. Try to space the porta potties discreetly, since nobody wants to think about the bathroom when eating their hamburger or ice cream. Having the stall located in the front yard while the party rages on in the back will ensure guests have easy access to the restrooms without becoming an eyesore.
  • Sanitation requirements: Local sanitation requirements will also need to be considered when identifying the best spot to place a portable toilet. A porta potty needs to be situated on dry, level land. Additionally, the unit needs to be placed within 30 feet of a hard surface where a maintenance truck can park for easy pumping.
  • Downwind: Don’t let the smell of a porta potty spoil the fun. Always place the portable toilet downwind from where the guests are seated to keep any unpleasant odors from becoming bothersome.
  • Shelter from the wind: Place the restroom against a wall, fence or building to prevent a messy accident if a strong wind happens to come through. Talk to your rental specialist about securing the restroom with stakes if inclement weather is expected.

Make sure your needs are covered with the help of Scottie’s Potties. As the top portable sanitation experts, we’ll help identify the perfect spot for portable toilets in Reading, PA at your next backyard gathering. Call us today to learn more.

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