Seven Tips for Planning an Outdoor Event

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With warmer weather on the horizon, your company or organization might be planning to host an outdoor event. Although outdoor events are great for energizing people and allowing them to enjoy the outdoors and fresh air, they can also be extremely challenging to plan.

When planning these events, choosing a venue and setting up vendors may appear more important than things like extra power cords and portable toilets in Reading, PA. If you are planning an outdoor event this spring, make sure to stay on top of these seven important—but sometimes overlooked—things:

  • Permits and ordinances: Parks and public spaces are popular places to host outdoor events, but without the appropriate permits from the city, your event can be shut down. As soon as you choose a date and venue, check with the local government to make sure you have all the necessary permits and understand the local ordinances you’ll need to follow regarding noise, safety and sanitation.
  • Power and lighting: In outdoor venues, power isn’t as readily accessible as it might be inside a banquet hall, so you’ll need to formulate a plan for how you intend to power any equipment for audio, food and other electronic devices. Lighting is another key component here—if your event runs into the nighttime, you’ll need to make sure the venue’s exit areas and pathways are well lit for your guests to remain safe.
  • Bathroom facilities: Your guests will certainly not be happy if you fail to provide places to use the restroom or wash their hands. Check if your venue has buildings with sanitary facilities or if you will need to provide your own portable toilets in Reading, PA.
  • Layout: Outdoor venues are great for offering a lot of space, but that space can be overwhelming if you haven’t thought about where everything will go. Before the day of the event, make a plan for where you will place any food vendors, DJs or stages, bathrooms and more.
  • Weather plan: Even if you have everything planned perfectly, the weather may not always cooperate, and rain or strong winds can turn an event sour. Always have a plan B for outdoor events, whether it’s a large tent, pavilion or alternate indoor space.
  • Comfort: Your event is ultimately for your guests, so you want to keep them as happy as possible. This means you’ll need to provide ways to keep them comfortable, such as shaded areas to stay out of the sun, tables and chairs to rest at, portable air conditioners or heaters and lots of accessible drinking water. It’s also a good plan to have supplies for emergencies, like a first aid kit, sunscreen and bug spray.
  • Cleanup plan: After the event is over, you’re responsible for packing everything up and taking it home, so you don’t want to be left alone to clean up the mess. Make sure you have a designated cleanup crew to help take down all the tents, vendor stations and more, as well as a pickup time for any sanitary and portable toilets to be taken away.

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