How Many Portable Toilets in Reading, PA Do You Need?

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You’re getting ready to kick off a brand new construction project. As the manager of this project, there’s a lot you’ll need to take into consideration, including many rental items. While you’re making your plans, make sure you don’t forget about portable toilets!

The biggest question we get as a company providing rentals of portable toilets in Reading, PA is how many toilets are needed at a given construction site. The answer to this really depends on several factors:

  • Will you require restrooms with flushing capability, or just regular porta potties?
  • How many workers will you have at your site on a daily basis?
  • How many hours a day will workers be at the job site?
  • Will you need specialty porta potties, such as high-rise bathrooms, mobile restrooms or hook units?
  • How big is the construction site, and how spread out is it?

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI) each have their own standards for how many porta potties you should have at a given construction site. These organizations generally agree that, for every 10 workers at a job site, you need one porta potty, based on a schedule of eight hours a day and 40 hours a week.

Of course, you can certainly get more than that if you feel the need is there. When you’ve worked in construction for long enough, you’ve probably come across at least a couple overused porta potties at construction sites, and it’s not pretty. These are usually the only restrooms your workers will have access to, so it’s important to not just give your workers access, but to make sure there are enough of them in place to prevent overuse and to make it easier to keep them clean and sanitary. In addition, having plenty of portable toilets for your workers will reduce the chances you will run out of hand sanitizer or toilet paper.

Do you need more porta potties or more services?

If you don’t have space to fit all the porta potties you would like to have at your construction site, there are other creative solutions you can look into. For example, you could have those porta potties serviced more frequently to ensure they stay sanitary for all of your workers all week long and to make sure all hand sanitizer and toilet paper remains in stock.

Sometimes it might be a better idea to simply order more porta potties and keep to service once a week if that is a realistic possibility. This is especially ideal if your construction site is difficult to navigate for porta potty service trucks. In this sort of arrangement, you won’t have to upend your construction processes multiple times a week just to allow these trucks through to your porta potty sites.

Ultimately, the arrangements will depend on your particular circumstances at your construction site. So for more personalized recommendations about how many portable toilets in Reading, PA you should rent for your site, contact Scotties Potties today.

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