The Importance of Having Enough Porta Potties in Reading, PA at Your Next Event

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If you’re planning a big event, you know that there are a number of details that have to be worked out so that everything goes as smoothly as possible. Whether it’s a small wedding or a large music festival, it’s important to have the right accommodations for all of the guests who will be in attendance. Having accessible restrooms is essential at any event, but it can be a challenge to figure out exactly how many you need. Estimating how many porta potties in Reading, PA you need for your event can be difficult, but not having enough at your event can lead to several major issues that may lead to an unpleasant experience for guests, and may even derail your event entirely.

As you plan your event, you will have to coordinate some things that are essential and other things that are non-essentials. If the essential aspects of your event aren’t in order, guests won’t be able to thoroughly enjoy the non-essentials. In other words, the experience of your guests may be significantly impacted by insufficient restroom facilities, and this may prevent them from enjoying music, food, drinks and dancing. Long lines for the restroom keep your guests away from the party and might even lead some of them to leave early.

Estimating the number of portable toilets you need

The first thing you should think about when it comes to the number of porta potties you need is the duration of your event. If you are planning a weeklong festival, you will need more porta potties in Reading, PA than you would for an event that lasts just a few hours. For longer events, you should also plan on having your toilets professionally cleaned and maintained at regular intervals.

Another important factor to take into account is whether there will be alcohol served at your event. Events that serve alcohol tend to require more bathroom facilities for guests. The schedule of your event is another important consideration. An event like a wedding, where guests will generally be using restroom facilities throughout the event, requires less porta potties than an event with a rigid structure, where guests will all need access to the bathroom at generally the same time, such as before a race. As a general rule, you should have one portable restroom for every 100 guests for events lasting only a few hours. This number increases if you have more guests, if alcohol will be served and if the event is of a longer duration.

Porta potties in Reading, PA

When it comes to determining how many porta potties in Reading, PA you need at your event, it can be very helpful to get some input from a professional. At Scotties Potties, we have been working with customers for decades to provide them with the accommodations they need for guests at an event or workers on a job site. Regardless of the application, our portable toilets offer superior quality, and our experienced team delivers outstanding customer service. You can browse our website to find out more about some of our rental options, and then contact us to get started with our rentals and services.

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