Where to Place Portable Toilets in Reading, PA

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Once you’ve made the rental reservation for porta potties for your next event or your next job site, you might consider that to be an item that you can check off your to-do list. However, there are still some additional details you will have to consider. The placement of your porta potties is an essential detail you need to take into account if you want to ensure that everyone has access to appropriate accommodations. If you haven’t decided on a location for your portable toilets in Reading, PA, it’s a good idea to consider these few tips to help you choose the best placement possible:

  • Promote accessibility: Your guests shouldn’t have to wander around aimlessly when they need to use the restroom. Make sure that your portable toilets in Reading, PA are visible and clearly marked. It’s a good idea to put up signs that point the way to porta potties so that they can be located more easily. It’s also important to include handicap accessible restrooms in proportion to the number of guests you have.
  • Ensure stability: Make sure that you place your porta potties on level ground that’s slightly elevated and as dry as possible to prevent the ground from shifting under the weight of the units.
  • Place in proximity to food and beverages: It’s a good idea to have restrooms conveniently located relatively close to food and beverage stations. This makes it easier for guests to access facilities and then purchase food and beverages before returning to the main event. However, placing the portable toilets too close to food tables can be unappealing, so keep this in mind. Also note that you will need more restrooms if you will be serving alcohol at your event.
  • Plan for sufficient accommodations: There are a number of factors that need to be taken into account when you are determining how many portable toilets in Reading, PA you need for your event. If your event is just a few hours long, you will need about one portable toilet for every 100 guests. Longer events obviously require more facilities, and you may also need to schedule service to keep your portable toilets cleaned and maintained for guests.
  • Facilitate sanitation: Make sure to give your guests the facilities they need to wash up after using the restroom. You can rent portable toilets with hand sanitizer dispensers inside or rent handwashing stations for guests to use. Regardless of the hygiene method you make available, make sure to check soap and sanitizer levels regularly and keep all supplies well stocked.

Whether your event is several months in the future or you need a last-minute reservation, Scotties Potties is here to help you. We have long been providing customers within a 50-mile radius of Reading, PA with quality portable toilet rentals, including handicap units to ensure accessibility for everyone at your event. For long-term rentals, our team offers weekly service and upkeep to keep your portable toilets in the best condition possible for the duration of their use. Our team understands that plans can change, which is why we are happy to offer last-minute rentals and flexible scheduling for your convenience. Give our experienced team a call today to get more information.

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