How Do Porta Potties in Reading, PA Get Emptied?

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We’ve probably all used a porta potty at some point, whether it was at a public park, during a concert or at a friend’s wedding. As a visitor of these events, we probably haven’t paid too much attention to the logistics of setting them up—we’ve just been happy that they were available.

However, if the porta potties haven’t been taken care of, it’s very noticeable and makes the experience much less pleasant for everyone. For this reason, regular porta potty maintenance and emptying is absolutely necessary.

If you’re the person in charge of renting porta potties in Reading, PA for your event, you don’t need to worry about emptying the porta potty, even if it’s on your property for an extended period of time. All you need to do is wait for the porta potty rental company to come by to service it regularly. They’ll handle all the mess for you!

The process of emptying tanks

When your guests use the porta potty, all of that waste gets stored in a large tank in the base of the unit. There are typically sensors inside each unit that indicate when the tank is getting full to prevent overfilling—and a big mess. If you’re renting porta potties in Reading, PA long-term, your porta potty vendor will usually use this sensor to know it’s time to perform service.

Each porta potty will typically have an output hole on the side of it that leads to the waste tank. When it’s time for service, your porta potty rental company will come to your property with trucks holding large sanitation tanks.

Using a hose attached to the porta potty output hole, the trucks will vacuum pump the waste from the porta potty tank into the truck tank. If the tanks don’t have an output hole on the outside, the vendor might use specialized vacuums to pump the waste out from the inside, instead.

Once the porta potty tanks have been emptied, the rental company will refresh the inside of the unit with more toilet paper and hand sanitizer when applicable, clean up any messes on the floors, walls and seat and fill the tank with that recognizable blue liquid, which helps fight odor and bacterial growth. With the tank empty and the inside clean, your porta potties will look good as new!

Finally, the rental company trucks will leave and empty their tanks at a wastewater treatment facility, where the waste will be treated and disposed of carefully to prevent biohazards.

Work with a vendor that handles it all

When renting porta potties for your next event, make sure to ask your vendor if they are the ones that service the units. Working with an all-in-one provider means less hassle for you and fresher toilets for your guests.

If you’re hosting a multi-day event, your guests will appreciate clean and freshly serviced toilets every day. Speak with your rental company to discuss a schedule to have your porta potties in Reading, PA emptied to your specifications.

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