Pumping Your Porta Potty During Construction

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Having clean porta potties at a construction site is essential for both employee health and employee happiness. After all, who wants to have to use a dirty porta potty while they’re at work?

If you currently have porta potties at your work site, you better have them cleaned and pumped by a portable toilet service in Reading, PA. But, how often should they be cleaned and who should clean them? Continue reading to find out.

What goes into porta potty servicing?

For the uninitiated, porta potty servicing includes pumping out the waste from the tank, cleaning the surfaces and walls, replacing toilet paper and hand sanitizer, and refilling the restroom deodorizer. After we’re done, your porta potty will look (and smell) brand new. This service ensures your porta potty is odorless and sanitary for everyone working at the construction site.

How often should porta potties be serviced?

The frequency that you have your portable toilets serviced depends on a few different factors. How many people are working at the construction site? How often is the toilet being used? Chances are, the more people you have and the more their being used, the more often they’ll need to be serviced.

In general, though, we think porta potties should be serviced at least once a week. Keeping that rigid schedule ensures that the porta potty smell doesn’t get out of control and that you never run out of toilet paper or hand sanitizer.

Decide how many porta potties you need

Before work begins on a construction site, you should figure out how many porta potties you’re going to need. We recommend renting one porta potty for every 10 workers. This number ensures that lines won’t be too long and you won’t have any unhappy workers.

If you’re limited on space and can’t get enough porta potties, another option is to have them serviced more often. There’s nothing wrong with having them serviced twice or three times a week; in fact, your workers will be happy that they are.

Why choose Scotties Potties?

You have a couple of options when you need a portable toilet service in Reading, PA. But, if you’re looking for quality porta potties at great rates, be sure to choose Scotties Potties.

Time and time again, we deliver the highest quality portable toilets to our customers for some of the lowest prices around. Whether you need one porta potty or 100, we’ll deliver it to your site on time and pick it up when you’re done with it. On top of that, we’ll come service your toilets whenever you need us to. Rest easy knowing that your toilets will be spic-and-span when you work with us.

There are a lot of things that you don’t have control over on a construction site, but your bathroom situation shouldn’t be one of them. Give Scotties Potties a call today and let us set your construction site up with safe and reliable porta potties.

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