Planning a Haunted House? Don’t Forget to Set Up Portable Toilets in Reading, PA

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Haunted houses, corn mazes, hayrides, holiday contests and more are all great ways to celebrate the Halloween season. They offer thrills and chills, scares and fun. But don’t ruin everyone’s great time with a bathroom situation that’s an even bigger nightmare than Freddy Krueger himself. Needing the restroom is no joke, so if you are planning to host a large public Halloween attraction, be sure to rent sufficient portable toilets in Reading, PA for your guests.

Here are some important things to keep in mind when setting up an outdoor restroom area:

  • Restrooms are required by law: It’s a wonderful thing to bring a Halloween attraction to your local community. However, public attractions and events (as opposed to homeowner-run backyard haunted houses) require event permits and that you follow rules and regulations. Providing the right number of bathroom facilities is one of these.
  • Estimate the number of people to come through: In order to rent the right number of outdoor toilets, you have to anticipate the average number of guests who will come through at any given time. Once you have an idea of this number, call your chosen porta potty supplier and ask how many unit rentals they recommend.
  • Place them strategically: Porta potties are excellent options for outdoor Halloween events. You can get in and out fast so you can get back to the fun in minutes. Unfortunately, there are two things that can put a damper on your fun: a lack of toilets, and toilets that are nowhere near you. To avoid these problems, figure out how many people you expect to attend and draw a scale map of your event space. Note where everything is—the main attraction(s), food vendors, game booths, retail tents, stage areas, entry and exit points, etc. It’s probably fine to cluster toilets together at smaller events, but you should spread potties around larger event spaces.
  • Provide hand sanitizer: Halloween events attract kids of all ages, and it’s inevitable that kids will touch sticky foods and get their hands into all sorts of things. Hand cleaning is just as frequent and important as bathroom use! All standard porta potties must come with hand sanitizer, especially if there are few or no portable hand-washing stations nearby. Having no soap and water or hand sanitizer available at all times means you will fail a sanitation inspection and get hit with a code violation. If there are a host of sanitation issues, then your event could be shut down permanently.
  • Keep potties clean: No one likes having to use a dirty, disgusting toilet. Hire a cleaning crew to patrol outdoor toilet units all day to keep the insides sanitary, the outsides presentable, toilet paper stocked and hand sanitizer full and always available. If your public attraction is scheduled to run for a few days or more, make sure to hire a portable toilet vacuum truck service to come around periodically to empty the units.

There’s no question that portable toilets in Reading, PA are convenient and affordable. Call Scotties Potties to reserve your units today—and have a happy Halloween!

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