Warm Up to Using a Porta Potty—Even in the Cold!

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Sadly, winter weather will be here before we know it. Temperatures will begin to drop, and snow will start to fall. That doesn’t just mean it’s time to bundle up—colder temperatures mean it’s time to start thinking ahead regarding your porta potty plans!

In the spring, summer and even early fall, you can basically put your porta potties in Reading, PA anywhere on your lot and expect folks to be comfortable while they’re doing their business. That’s not the case in the winter, though. Unless you plan ahead, cold temperatures mean folks will be chilly while they’re on the toilet. The good news is that we’re here to help! This post will teach you what you need to know about keeping your porta potties warm and in good condition this winter.

Upgrade your porta potty

The best way to ensure everyone at your event or on your construction team is warm in the porta potty is to upgrade it. Higher-end portable toilets are made of stronger materials, which are better at blocking wind and retaining heat. Talk to our specialists about renting a high-end porta potty—they’re a lot less expensive than you might expect!

Place it inside

Another (and more cost effective) way to keep your porta potty nice and toasty is to keep it out of the element in a barn, shed or similar structure. As long as you have your porta potties serviced regularly, you won’t have to worry about any sort of bad smells, and everyone will be comfortable while they’re using the toilet.

Find a sunny spot

Don’t have an indoor spot to set up your porta potties? No problem! You can keep them warm enough by setting them up in an area that receives plenty of direct sunlight. Keeping them in the sun will keep them several degrees warmer throughout the day, especially in the afternoon when the sun is at its hottest.

Block it from winds

The one thing that a sunny spot can’t do is protect your porta potty from harsh winter winds. Although your porta potty is made of durable plastic, fierce winds can make it quite uncomfortable inside. Set it up alongside a building or structure that can block the majority of wind that blows across your event site.

Service it regularly

Believe it or not, the water and waste inside your porta potty can start to freeze on really cold days. That’s a problem for a couple of reasons. First, frozen water can damage the porta potty’s structure. Second, cleaning out a frozen portable toilet is nearly impossible to accomplish. To avoid that sticky (and stinky) situation, have your porta potty cleaned at least once a week during the winter.

Whether you need to rent a porta potty or have yours serviced, be sure to choose Scotties Potties! We offer some of the most competitive rates in town for a variety of different types of portable toilet, including handicap porta potties in Reading, PA. Call today to get a quote for your porta potty needs.

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