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Portable toilets are a staple in the construction and outdoor event industries, and it might be difficult to find someone who hasn’t used one at one point or another. But have you considered that it’s someone’s job to install, empty and clean those porta potties each day?

Portable toilet cleaning is one of those so-called “dirty jobs” that a lot of people turn up their noses at, but it’s actually not as bad as many people think. Cleaning portable bathrooms in Reading, PA might actually be the perfect job for you!

What’s involved?

A career in portable toilet cleaning is pretty self-explanatory: you’re responsible for doing maintenance on and cleaning portable toilets after their installation on a site.

Fortunately, cleaning portable toilets usually doesn’t require handling human waste by hand. Thanks to technology, portable toilet cleaning is handled almost exclusively through hoses that pump the waste out of the toilet and into a tank on a truck.

Toilet cleaning is actually fast and relatively easy. Usually, all you need to do is place the hose and make sure the waste gets sucked out. You’ll also need to spray or wipe down the floor and any grime inside, then refill the tank with water and deodorizer.

A portable toilet cleaning job also requires a bit of maintenance work. You’ll be the one responsible for replacing or fixing things that break inside the porta potties, like toilet paper dispensers, lights, hand sanitizer dispensers and door latches.

While on the job, most portable toilet cleaners work alone, driving to different job sites and cleaning the toilets efficiently. The job provides you the freedom to operate outside of an office and see different areas of town.

How’s the pay?

The pay for a portable toilet cleaner is pretty good, considering the nature of the work. Portable toilet cleaning jobs usually start at around $12 an hour and can be worked up to an average of around $50,000 per year. This makes portable toilet cleaning careers one of the highest-paying “dirty jobs” available!

Another positive aspect is that portable toilet companies stay pretty busy, especially in the summer. There are always festivals, construction work and other outdoor events happening year-round that require toilets for guests and workers. Porta potty cleaners can enjoy a sense of job security in today’s market.

Things to know

There are a few things to keep in mind if you’re considering a career in portable bathroom cleaning:

  • It can get messy: Even though the majority of the job cleaning portable bathrooms in Reading, PA is done through a hose and pump, it still has the potential to get a little messy. You might need to clean up messier toilets on occasion, whether they have tipped over from bad weather or have been poorly taken care of by guests.
  • It smells: If you’re sensitive to smells, this job probably isn’t for you. While portable toilets use deodorizers to mask the smell of waste, you’ll still be exposed to the “eau de porta potty” day in and day out.
  • It’s rewarding: Many people who work as portable toilet cleaners get a sense of satisfaction from completing their work. The job keeps you busy and lets you interact with a lot of people in different places each day, which is ideal for hands-on workers.

Does a portable bathroom cleaning job sound appealing to you? If not, leave the work to the pros at Scotties Potties, a reliable source of portable toilets and comfort trailers in Reading, PA.

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