Portable Toilet Safety Awareness

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According to a recent survey by a portable toilet company in Pittsburgh, nearly 73 percent of respondents think that porta potties are not clean solutions for restroom needs. It is often a stereotype that porta potties are full of germs and not safe to use, but the truth is that they are often cleaner than you might imagine.

If you’re hesitant to use portable bathrooms in Reading, PA, keep reading to see how safe they generally are, and how to maintain a safe and sanitary experience when using one:

  • Bacteria fears: One thing many people fear while using portable toilets is that there are a lot of bacteria living within them. Though it’s true that bathrooms do come with their own brand of bacteria, many toilet seats are actually cleaner than common household items. Keep in mind that your phone or your laptop’s keyboard often contain much more bacteria than a typical toilet seat, whether in a permanent or portable toilet.
  • Washing your hands: The absolute best way to keep yourself as safe as possible while using any toilet is to make sure to follow proper handwashing techniques. This means you should really scrub your hands for a full 20 seconds with soap. In a quick fix, a hand sanitizer will do that work instantly. Thankfully, porta potties are all equipped with some sort of handwashing area, so you can make sure to prevent spreading unhealthy bacteria around by washing properly.
  • Well-made toilets: Portable toilets have come a long way in the past 20 years. They are often made with strong plastic materials that allow them to be thoroughly power washed after using them and that do not allow bacteria to stick around. This helps them to be generally more safe and easier to maintain, and means they will remain an excellent option for any local festivals or events.
  • Watch your kids: One thing to keep in mind while using a porta potty is how your kids behave within and around them. It’s generally a good idea to keep kids away from the porta potties, and to go inside with them to help them navigate this new bathroom space. They may not be able to reach the seat or sink area without adult help, and if you’re worried about germs, you can supervise them to better control that issue.

Whenever you enter a portable bathroom in Reading, PA, keep the information above in mind. You’re bound to have a clean and safe experience if you use a porta potty from a reliable local rental company, and Scotties Potties is the best choice around! We’ve been providing portable toilet service to Reading and the surrounding communities since 1987, and our expertise and focus on customer service is what’s kept our business doing so well.

For over 30 years, Scotties Potties has offered a range of portable toilets, including our deluxe comfort trailers, which have heat or air conditioning and running water. If you’re planning an event in the area, call us today to make a reservation!

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