Everyone’s Got to Go! It’s Better to Be Safe Than Sorry When Renting Porta Potties

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Planning an outdoor event can be stressful. Not only do you have to worry about the aspects that will draw people to your event, like the food and entertainment, but you also must plan for the possibility of rain and hot temperatures. And have you considered where all your attendees will go to the bathroom? Indoor events already have restroom facilities built in. Outdoor events pose the unique challenge of either finding the nearest restrooms or using porta potties.

It can be tricky to determine just how many porta potties you’ll need. Event planners might hesitate to book too many, as they see unused porta potties as a money waster. On the other hand, too few restrooms can lead to long lines and angry guests.

Why you should always overestimate event restrooms in Reading, PA

Guests may forgive subpar food, weak beverages and a mediocre band. Most won’t even be fazed by parking in a cornfield or rolling a blanket out on a grass field to watch the show. However, they will not forgive an event with too few restroom facilities! Many event organizers try to save money by requesting too few portable toilets. This is one of the worst ways to cut costs. This short-sighted move will lead to long lines, unhappy attendees and a huge mess. You need to ensure there’s enough restrooms to serve guests efficiently.

Ask yourself these questions to determine how many event restrooms in Reading, PA you’ll need:

  • How many people will attend? The first step is to estimate how many people will be in attendance. Typically, the minimum requirement is one portable restroom for every 100 people for up to four hours. However, that number will change based on a few other factors.
  • Will there be more women than men? It’s a fact of life that women generally use the restroom more frequently than men, and they tend to take longer. Events with a high percentage of women, such as a bridal event or women’s expo, will need more restrooms than your average gathering.
  • What about alcohol? Alcohol is a surefire way to get people to use the bathroom. Any event serving alcohol will need to plan on having three portable restrooms for every 100 guests. More will be needed if the event runs longer than four hours.
  • How long will the event last? Longer events should be prepared with more restrooms. Events that run any longer than four hours will likely need two porta potties per 100 attendees.

Don’t disappoint your event’s attendees by not providing enough restroom facilities. John Gotwals and the team at Scotties Potties can help determine how many portable toilets each event needs during a personal consultation and recommendation. We can personally review the details of each event to help the event organizer gauge the needs of their demographics and the volume of event restrooms in Reading, PA they’ll. We’ll even consider the weather and the season before making a final recommendation. Best of all, we specialize in last-minute rentals. Give us a call today to get started!

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