Fun and Fascinating Facts About Portable Restrooms!

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While portable restrooms in Reading, PA are rented year-round, no season sees more requests for porta potties than summer. This makes a lot of sense, since the warm summer months are when the majority of the year’s fairs and festivals, concerts and other events tend to pop up. All outdoor events need to provide adequate restroom accommodations for their guests—otherwise, event organizers could be left with more than just trash to clean up.

Now, you may think that portable restrooms are dirty, walled-off spaces that are never cleaned or serviced, but this is an unfortunate stereotype that is simply not true. Just be sure to rent portable toilets from a reputable company and you and your guests are sure to have a pleasant potty experience. Do your research on local porta potty companies before choosing one, and everything will be just fine.

To help the public better understand the industry, here are some of the most fascinating facts about portable restrooms in Reading, PA:

  • It all began with shipyard employees: It was during World War II that the portable toilet industry came to be. It started with the owners of a New Jersey shipyard noticing their workers had to hike a long distance from the ship to the docks to use the restroom. Time was being wasted, so one day they put together small, portable cubes made of metal or wood, and inside was a small holding tank. Now that restroom accommodations were closer to work areas, more work got done and everyone was happier.
  • Portable toilets have many names: It’s not common to hear someone refer to a portable toilet as an outdoor toilet, but you’re probably familiar with some other names. Some popular names for portable toilets include portable restroom, honey bucket, John, porta-loo, porta-potty, Johnny-on-the-spot, porta-John and water closet or WC (used in Europe).
  • More than single units exist: Most of us are familiar with individual porta potty stalls, but did you know that many portable toilet companies also offer luxury portable restrooms? This option is basically a sizable luxury trailer that comes complete with amenities like flushing toilets, full sinks and mirrors, air conditioning, electricity and plenty of room to change clothes.
  • Portable restrooms at presidential inaugurations: Reports indicate that there were 5,000 portable toilets on site for Barack Obama’s presidential inauguration. While this seems like a lot of toilets, it’s the number that the toilets-to-attendees calculation revealed. Yes, there’s math involved in this industry!
  • The toilet paper flap debate: In which position on the holder do you place new rolls of toilet paper? At one point, the United States spent over $100,000 on a mass survey to determine the most common way to put the roll: the flap facing the front or behind. The most popular approach is to have the flap in the front.

If you would like to reserve the best portable restrooms in Reading, PA, contact the team at Scotties Potties. Call today for options and pricing information—we look forward to assisting you!

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