Helping a Child Use a Porta Potty

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Porta potties are found at event sites where normal indoor bathroom accommodations are generally not available, such as carnivals, concerts, fairs, fireworks shows and outdoor weddings. Everyone uses them, even small children. But little kids should never use or be near a porta potty without adult supervision. On their own, there’s a greater chance for injury and a serious possibility they have no idea what to do or how to actually use this type of toilet.

It’s best to teach your kids how to use a porta potty properly before they actually need to utilize one. The following is some of the best porta potty advice in Reading, PA from professionals in the industry to help you help your children use portable toilets safely and correctly.

Supervision inside porta potties is a must

When your child needs to use the bathroom and the only (or closest) option is a porta potty, be sure to step inside the unit with them. The floor can be wet, making it a slippery situation. Help your child sit on the seat and hold them so they don’t fall in, then assist them at the hand washing station. Another issue that kids might run into is operating the door lock. Demonstrate what to do. They might say they don’t need help, but quickly explain to them that it’s not the same as the bathroom back at home, and that you would feel better going inside with them.

Watch children whenever near porta potties

You also need to watch your children while they’re near porta potties. Even if your child doesn’t need to use the bathroom, that doesn’t mean they aren’t curious. Porta potty accidents can occur when kids wander away from their parents—it only takes a few seconds for something bad to happen. The safest thing parents can do is keep kids away from the porta potty area until someone needs to go, which is easy enough to do since event organizers tend to place outdoor toilets out of the way.

Encourage your child to practice good hygiene

Just as you make sure your child washes his or her hands after using the bathroom at home, do the same after porta potty use. Help them reach the hand washing station inside or outside of the unit, using soap if provided. Always carry hand sanitizer just in case. Another important tip is to place down toilet seat covers or pieces of toilet paper to avoid direct contact. Proper portable restroom hygiene can prevent sickness, illness, flu and germ transfer to food and other people.

Stay safe when using a porta potty changing table

If you have a baby or child still in diapers and you’re at an outdoor event, you’ll need to locate the porta potty units that have changing stations inside for parents to use. In most potty units with changing tables, there’s also a sink, soap, paper towels and a trash can for easy cleanup.

For the most accurate and up-to-date porta potty advice in Reading, PA, feel free to contact the team at Scotties Potties. Or, call us anytime to reserve portable toilet rentals!

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