Don’t Forget the Waste Tanks!

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Water and waste tanks are an important part of operating porta potties. Waste tanks provide a “holding area” for biological waste, and water tanks support portable restrooms with flushing toilets and running sinks. This is especially crucial if you’re having an event or worksite in a remote location, such as a campsite or construction zone. Additional waste tanks help your porta potties stay clean and can reduce the need for workers to remove the waste and replace smaller tanks. Scotties Potties can help you with all your waste tank rental needs in Reading, PA.

Waste Tanks

Waste tanks require an existing plumbing hookup. This can be as simple as hooking it up to a trailer, thus allowing the waste tank to be used in remote or underdeveloped areas. Waste tanks are also great for large events—there’s nothing worse than going to use the restroom and seeing that it’s already “at capacity”! If you’re hosting an event, you won’t want to leave a bad impression on your guests. It’s smart to opt for a holding tank so your portable restrooms are as clean and usable as possible.

Waste tanks typically come in five- to 500-gallon sizes, and can be installed above or below ground. You can also rent separate waste tanks for black water (human bio waste) and gray water (water from bathroom and kitchen sinks). This allows the waste to be more easily transported to a sewage waste facility and disposed of as needed. Standard porta potties come with 60-gallon waste tanks, but if you’ll be using them for an extended period of time, getting a bigger waste tank is far more practical and economical.

You should not only take your number of guests into account, but also whether you’ll be serving alcohol at your event or site. Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning that it encourages folks to use the bathroom more frequently. In that case, you’ll need to rent larger tanks to fully support your guests’ needs. Remember: it’s always better to err on the side of having more waste storage than not enough.

Water Tanks

The biggest benefit that comes with providing a water tank? Sanitation in the form of running water! Who wouldn’t want to wash their hands after using the restroom? This is especially important at events where food is served and families are present. There are plenty of options in order to meet every need, too.

Like waste tanks, water tanks also require an existing plumbing hookup. Typically, a 100-gallon tank can support flushing toilets and running sinks for up to 10 workers over a 40-hour work week. From there, it’s simple math: 30 workers working a 40-hour work week will need three 100-gallon tanks. For other events and water tank needs, contact us so we can assist you in deciding how much water you’ll need.

If you’re planning an event and would like to take advantage of water or waste tank rental in Reading, PA, contact the team at Scotties Potties today. We’ll gladly assist you with options and pricing information!

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