The Things No One Tells You About Porta Potties

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Most people have used a portable bathroom in Reading, PA at some point in their life. Whether it’s a special event, a camping site or an outdoor venue, there are many reasons why hosting organizations rent or purchase port potties for a short or extended period of time. You may not prefer to use them, but you’re sure glad they’re there when they are! There are many things you may not have noticed about these portable bathrooms. Read on to clear up some common misconceptions:

  • They’re highly sanitary: Many people feel like portable bathrooms in Reading, PA are somehow less sanitary than regular bathrooms, likely because they might notice some smells that they associate with porta potties alone. However, every porta potty includes either a sink with hand soap or a hand sanitizer pump, making them just as sanitary as traditional bathrooms. Luxury porta potties come with sinks, hand soaps and even countertops. You may even see additional standalone hand washing stations near the porta potties to move the line along faster.
  • They vary in size and amenities: Contrary to common belief, porta potties are not all the same. You may think that, when you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. However, you’ve probably only seen the most basic units, and there are actually more luxurious units with more amenities available. For instance, ADA-compliant units have large interiors, with enough space for a wheelchair or double stroller to maneuver inside. There are also elite units that come with a foot pump-activated flushing toilet, interior fresh water sink, hand soap and paper towels. They also can include a coat hook, small shelf and mirror. These are great for classier events that happen to be taking place outdoors.
  • Quantity matters: More often than not, the lines to use the bathrooms at any event are the longest lines to do anything. When you’re planning an outdoor event, you really can’t have too many portable bathrooms in Reading, PA. Often, porta potties are grouped together at one end of the event site, which may be inconvenient for the majority of people. Conversely, having them spaced out individually will only increase lines at each one. Having multiple stations with several porta potties is a great way to cut down on lines and make porta potty access easier for everyone.
  • You can be surprised by the luxury: Most people haven’t experienced a luxury portable bathroom in Reading, PA, so if you’re really trying to elevate your event, elevate it with something that every guest in attendance will have to use at some point: the bathroom. Luxury porta potties can have as many amenities as a nice hotel bathroom. Help people feel their cleanest and most taken care of with elite porta potties.

Scotties Potties provides customers with the cleanest, most accommodating portable bathrooms in Reading, PA. We offer porta potties, rentable toilets and hand washing stations, and can accommodate even last-minute requests. We also have handicap restrooms for optimal accessibility, and can provide you with rental rates and terms upon your initial call. Call us today to find out more.

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