Top Tips for Porta Potty Rentals

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Porta potties are necessities for outdoor events, worksites and long-term recreation areas such as parks, athletic venues and hiking trails. However, most managers don’t know how to go about properly ordering, setting up and servicing porta potties. Luckily, these top porta potty rental tips in Reading, PA will help you navigate this task in a cost-efficient manner.

Number of users

For events lasting up to four hours, it is advised that you have one unit per 50 guests. That estimate increases to two units per 50 guests for events up to eight hours in length. A 20 percent increase should be considered at events where alcohol is served.

Types of units

One of the most important porta potty rental tips in Reading, PA is to consider the options available. There are three sizes to choose from: standard, 1.5 and handicap. For events, a mix of standard and handicap units is recommended. For more permanent porta potty placements, such as in parks or long-term worksites, the 1.5 units are the better choice, providing more space and comfort for users.

Handwashing stations

Whether you are setting up porta potties for an event, a job or a long-term situation, such as an outdoor recreation site, you also need to consider handwashing options. People will expect to find handwashing stations to use near the porta potties. Assuming people are prepared to clean their hands on their own, using sanitizing solution or wipes, can cause a lot of trouble for you that might ruin your event or slow down progress on your worksite.

Installed with lights

For events happening after dark or worksites that remain active into the dark hours of the evening, porta potty units with lights installed make a huge difference. Lights minimize the amount of service needed at the end of each night while providing a more comfortable, secure environment for people to go about their business.

Porta potty placement

Ideally, the porta potty units you rent will be placed on a high, dry area to eliminate the potential for any unwanted incidents. Also, you’ll want to consider the proximity of portable toilets to food and beverage stations. Portable bathroom units should be set up in a highly visible area so they are easily located when nature calls. Handicap units should be placed in an easily accessible area that does not present challenges for those who require wheelchairs, walkers, canes or other devices.

Service daily

Depending on the extent of their use, it is recommended that porta potties be serviced every day. This might seem excessive, but conditions in a portable toilet unit can deteriorate quickly. You don’t want to show up one morning to discover an unusable bathroom unit for you, your employees or your event attendees.

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