What Is That Weird Color in the Porta Potty?

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Don’t pretend you haven’t looked. We’ve all glanced at (or stared, occasionally in horror) at the contents of an outdoor restroom’s holding tank. Depending on what you expected to see, however, the porta potties at Scotties Potties may have taken you by surprise. No, no one dumped their Icee in the toilet—so what is that blue stuff in the holding tank?

The blue liquid in a portable restroom’s holding tank is a chemical additive designed to make your entire experience clean, odor-free and environmentally friendly. This is a porta potty solution in Reading, PA that users are likely to appreciate once they better understand it!

What it is

The weird blue stuff in porta potties is primarily a deodorizer. We all know that human waste smells pretty awful, and sitting outdoors in a plastic box in the sun could lead to some seriously stinky situations.

Every company has a different solution, but there are four major components:

  • Biocides: This is the active ingredient that kills odor-causing bacteria and helps cut down on the smell. In a porta potty, bacteria can grow rapidly, causing the space to stink.
  • Dye: The blue dye serves an important purpose: it visually masks the porta potty’s contents, so an accidental glance doesn’t make you lose your lunch. If the additive takes on a greenish tint, it’s time for a change.
  • Fragrance: Additional fragrance is added to mask any odor that the biocides couldn’t prevent. There are a variety of scents used.
  • Surfactants: Surfactants are solubilizing (wetting) agents that allow the fragrance to mix with the water.

Is it toxic?

In no way should you purposely touch or ingest portable restroom deodorizer—but it’s not the sort of chemical that could harm you if you accidentally come into contact with it. In its diluted form, restroom deodorizer is non-toxic.

In recent years, there’s been a push for porta potty companies to use environmentally-friendly restroom deodorizers. For example, formaldehyde used to be commonly used, but now the industry is turning toward other solutions. Using fewer chemicals means that there’s less that needs to be treated at a wastewater treatment facility.

Rest assured that the deodorizer is formulated so that if any spills happen, no major damage to the environment will occur. Our team is also trained in safety and efficiency—we want to protect the environment, too!

However, the dye can be a problem if there’s a spill on a porous surface, such as concrete. It shouldn’t stain your hands or clothing, but the sooner you clean it up, the better.

Porta potty solutions in Reading, PA

If you’re in need of porta potty solutions in Reading, PA for your next event, Scotties Potties can provide you with clean, accommodating and routinely serviced portable toilets. We can provide rental rates and terms based on the particulars of your event, so give us a call today to find out more! Our experienced team takes delivery, maintenance and cleanliness seriously. You can trust that we’ll provide safe and clean portable restrooms for your guests. Our dedication to customer service means we’re happy to explain any of the details—including “what’s that blue stuff?”

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