Where to Place a Porta Potty on a Home Construction Site

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Whether you are the homeowner or the site manager handling the home construction project, a porta potty is an absolute necessity. Both residents and workers will need to make use of the facilities at one time or another, and a porta potty should be available. However, there are lots of details to consider when it comes to porta potty placement on home construction sites in Reading, PA.

Delivery and removal

First and foremost, the spot where you place a porta potty for a home construction must be easily accessible for a truck to both deliver and remove the unit(s). There needs to be an unobstructed path for the truck to get to the area where the porta potty will remain throughout the course of the project.

Cleaning and maintenance

Porta potties require cleaning every day—trust us. You want to place your portable bathroom unit where it can easily be cleaned out at the beginning or end of each workday. If the sanitation truck does not have clear access to the unit, your porta potty may be skipped that day for the cleaning crew to stay on schedule. This means construction workers’ trucks, along with any machinery or equipment, will need to be out of the way. Additionally, that means you do not want to place your portable toilet unit behind the house where a maintenance truck will be incapable of reaching it.

Construction materials, equipment and machinery

All of the tools and supplies needed for home construction will not only need to be delivered and picked up, but stored throughout the duration of the project. Consider porta potty placement on home construction sites in Reading, PA and how having a poorly-placed unit may slow down work and get in the way of machines or heavy equipment needed to get the job done.


Unfortunately, porta potties are targets for troublemakers. From tipping them over to vandalizing them to simply destroying them, rabble-rousers love nothing more than making a mess of a porta potty. You want your unit placed somewhere with good lighting and out of the way to ward off any hooligans who might get a kick out of wrecking a porta potty.

Weather conditions

Placing a porta potty unit on grass or dirt makes it susceptible to sinking or tipping over should the ground become wet and unstable from rain or snow. If you live somewhere that experiences high winds, you want to place your portable bathroom unit somewhere that it would be less likely to fall over.

Laws regulating porta potty placement

Believe it or not, there are rules that dictate porta potty placement on home construction sites in Reading, PA. For instance, a unit can’t block a fire hydrant. It also must be handicap accessible. If the only place to put the unit is on the street or sidewalk, you’ll have to speak with your city or county to get approval.

Have more questions about getting a porta potty for your home construction site? Contact the experts at Scotties Potties. Our years of experience make it easy for you to grasp all the nuances of porta potty placement so there are minimal if any issues with your project. Give us a call today!

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