A Guide for Appropriate Porta Potty Placement in Winter Conditions

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Portable toilet rentals don’t become unavailable when the weather changes from warm to cold. Outdoor events and building jobs still occur in rain, snow and wind, hence the continuous and unavoidable need for restroom facilities. But there is one facet regarding porta potty that is different in winter: where to place them.

When choosing the spot to place your toilet rentals, keep in mind that technicians need easy access for drop-off and pickup and to provide cleaning services. Winter poses a host of challenges for technicians, such as mud, snow, ice and freezing conditions, all of which hinder truck access and proper potty door function. These issues can make it difficult for your portable restroom company to come in and provide cleaning and maintenance services.

With this in mind, you need to make sure toilets are placed perfectly for both users and service technicians. Below, we’ve put together a short guide for appropriate porta potty placement in typical Reading, PA winter conditions:

  • Set units on high ground: Some parts of the country may experience heavy snowfall during the winter months. Depending on the temperature and how quickly snow melts, you might want to consider placing portable toilets on high ground, away from water puddles. Snow melt can cause floods around and inside the units, as well as make it difficult for technicians to perform services. To prevent standing water, place restrooms on high ground to allow water to flow away from the area.
  • Situate in a well-lit area: Whether your toilet rentals are for event use or a construction site, users will need to be able to see once they’re inside. Sunlight is only around during the daytime hours, so picking a well-lit area in general is especially important if the potties will be in use after sundown. Porta potty service technicians also need light to perform scheduled cleanings and maintenance.
  • Keep snow off doors: No one will be able to open the door to a portable restroom that’s blocked by snow. While users can squeeze in, service technicians need to be able to fully open the door. Be proactive! Keep a shovel near the toilet area and regularly clear away snow to allow doors to be opened and closed with ease.
  • Place near roads or parking areas: For easy drop-off, pickup and maintenance in cold weather, you need to consider placing porta potties near a road or another accessible area. Although rental company trucks can drive on grass to deliver units, specialized trucks will need to park within 15 feet of the portable restrooms in order to provide service.
  • Clear a path in the snow: In addition to placing units near a road and keeping snow and ice off doors, you also need to clear a path to the toilets and keep clear driveways, roads and walkways in the areas around your porta potty placement site.

When you call to reserve your portable restrooms, be sure to ask the company’s recommendations for porta potty placement in Reading, PA. Contact Scotties Potties for all your outdoor potty needs!

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