Frequency of Porta Potty Maintenance

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Frequency of pumping is an essential aspect of porta potty maintenance in Reading, PA. This affects the quality and safety of the units. Use the following tips on porta potty pumping in Reading, PA to keep your portable toilets operating optimally.


Typically, porta potty maintenance in Reading, PA involves weekly service. Your service provider will pump the waste from each tank once each week. This service will also include cleaning the unit and refilling toilet paper and hand sanitizer supplies.

Of course, the frequency of your porta potty maintenance in Reading, PA should also be determined by how much the restroom is used on your site. If you need additional services, or think you might need more frequent porta potty pumping in Reading, PA, you can always arrange this with your service provider.


It’s also important to have the right number of porta potties on site. This will affect how often you need service. The general guideline is to have one portable restroom for every 10 people on a work site. This is based on an eight-hour workday and 40-hour work week.


If you have a large workforce but a small work site, it might be difficult to accommodate enough porta potties on site. In this case, you will need to order more frequent pumping of your porta potties. It’s fairly common for companies to service units two or three times each week. This additional service will ensure that your restrooms remain in good condition throughout the work week.


Keep in mind that your region may have specific regulations that you must adhere to regarding frequency of porta potty cleanings. These are in place to protect employees and ensure a safe work environment. Your local porta potty supplier can inform you of any relevant regulations in your area and help you meet these standards.


In addition to professional porta potty pumping in Reading, PA, there are daily maintenance items you should perform. While the service provider can do much of this work, it is best to keep a close eye on the condition of your porta potty and ensure daily upkeep as well.

First, ask your local porta potty company if they recommend a specific cleaner and deodorizer to use in your units. If you need to clean your porta potty between service visits, be sure to use cleaners that will not harm the surfaces. Second (but no less important) is to check and replenish the toilet paper supply frequently. You never want this to run out!

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