How to Help Guests Find Porta Potties at Events

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Having enough portable restrooms to make your guests comfortable at an event is only the first step to a successful venture. The second? They need to be able to actually find them. You might not want them front and center, but smart placement and clear signage means no one will have to scramble when they’re trying to find a place to go. Having restroom maps at events in Reading, PA will ultimately benefit everyone.

When you need portable restrooms, be sure to call Scotties Potties. We’re the experts at estimating your porta potty needs, and can advise you on the best placement for your specific venue.

How many porta potties will I need?

When deciding the exact number of portable toilets you’ll need, you need to know your event’s expected attendance, how long it will last and whether you’re serving food and alcohol. For smaller events with under 50 people, you can get away with one or two restrooms, but for festivals and other large gatherings, you’ll need significantly more. When food and alcohol are involved, you’ll need to boost that number by 30 to 40 percent, since it’s more likely that people will have an immediate need to use the bathroom.

Where should I put my porta potties?

Once you know the right number of restrooms to order, it’s time to start thinking about logistics. First, your porta potties need to be placed on level ground, in order to prevent tipping over or leaking. You’ll need an open space that’s large enough to allow for the delivery and service trucks to maneuver around. If it’s going to be a windy day, either place the porta potties against a wall or line them up back-to-back for added stability.

Second, you should have some restrooms near your food and drink area—far enough away that they won’t present any health hazards, but close enough that no one has to make a run for it in case of emergency.

Third, your restrooms should be accessible and easy to find. Disabled patrons need to be able to use their wheelchairs, walkers and other mobility devices in and around your restrooms, without having to walk too far to find one. If you’re hosting a large festival or fair, we suggest scattering groups of porta potties around the venue. For weddings and other smaller events, have a central location.

Finally, signage is key. When you’re hosting a large festival, make sure that restroom locations are clearly marked in your event map. Smaller fairs and weddings can make signs that point their guests in the right direction—just make sure signs are posted at every entrance as well as near the food and drinks.

Ready to rent portable restrooms for your next event? Whether you’re using a restroom map or a porta potty locator at your event in Reading, PA, the best way to help your guests find the restroom is by simply having enough of them. We specialize in delivering and maintaining clean, safe porta potties that are exactly to your specifications. Call us today to discuss your next event.

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