Prevent Porta Potty Vandalism

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Vandalism is a common concern with portable toilets. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent this and keep your porta potties in good condition. Use the following tips to prevent unauthorized use of your restrooms and minimize the amount of porta potty vandalism in Reading, PA you have to deal with.

Light it up

A top deterrent to porta potty vandalism in Reading, PA is proper lighting. Place your porta potties in a well-lit area. Look for a streetlight or building lights that could help illuminate the area. If vandals or unauthorized users can be seen, they will be less likely to bother your toilets.

Look it over

If you are concerned about porta potty vandalism in Reading, PA, consider using surveillance cameras to monitor your restrooms. Place your porta potties strategically so they are captured on security cameras. These may already be in place at local parks, on buildings or on street lights. Use these to your advantage to catch any vandals in the act if they decide to disturb your restrooms.

Fence it in

If your job site does not have a fence, it will be harder to keep vandals out of your porta potties. Consider putting up a fence around the perimeter of your site. Since most porta potty vandalism in Reading, PA takes place overnight, a fence can help prevent easy access to your porta potties while no one is on site.

Lock it up

For additional security, you can lock the porta potties overnight. If they are locked while no workers are around, this will lessen the likelihood that unauthorized users gain access to the restrooms. It can also let you know who is responsible for any graffiti, if only your workers have access to the restrooms.

Stake it down

If you are concerned about your porta potties tipping over, you can stake them down to stabilize them. Use a chain to connect the restroom to something stable, or you can secure it to a stake in the ground.

Talk it out

Keep in mind that porta potty vandalism in Reading, PA isn’t always the result of unauthorized users. Your own employees may decide to write messages on the walls or otherwise deface the units. Have an open discussion with employees about proper care of these facilities. Explain that they are someone else’s property, and your company is responsible for maintaining them. By helping them understand what is expected of them and why, you can reduce the likelihood of them vandalizing the restrooms.

Learn more

For more tips on porta potty maintenance and vandalism prevention, contact Scotties Potties. We are your go-to source for porta-potties, rentable toilets and comfort trailers. Our team also specializes in last-minute rentals, so we’re happy to help if you find yourself needing porta potties on short notice. Feel free to contact our experts with any questions about porta potty vandalism in Reading, PA, to learn more or to book your next porta potty rental. We look forward to meeting all your portable restroom needs.

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