Why Choose Porta Potties for Your Outdoor Wedding?

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Your wedding is an important day—which is why you don’t want to show up to your outdoor venue, only to realize that you forgot to provide enough in the way of bathroom facilities. While some brides worry that wedding porta potty rentals in Reading, PA might not suit the theme or style of their big day, it’s crucial that your guests have somewhere to empty their bladders.

Why you need portable restrooms

If you’ve chosen an outdoor wedding venue, whether it’s your backyard or a rustic countryside barn, chances are it didn’t come with enough clean and comfortable bathrooms. But when you’re serving guests food and drinks, they’re going to need somewhere to relieve themselves. You don’t want to overwhelm your home plumbing or septic system, or force your guests to hop in the car every time they finish a glass of water, so the best solution is to rent enough portable restrooms for your party.

Luckily, there are plenty of higher-end options for portable restrooms (more on that below), which means that your venue options just expanded. Instead of renting an expensive indoor venue, you can rent portable restrooms for an outdoor setting—and use the money you saved for something more fun, like your honeymoon.

Here’s a closer look at how to utilize outdoor wedding porta potty rental in Reading, PA:

  • You have options: Afraid that your guests will flat-out refuse to use traditional plastic porta potties? Consider renting luxury bathroom trailers. They have all the comforts of home, including running water and flushing toilets. These trailers also offer a place for your wedding party and guests to change and freshen up, so you won’t have to wear your wedding dress on a long ride to the venue.
  • Proper placement: Placement is key—you want your portable restrooms to be close enough to the action that no one has to make a long trek to use them, but you probably don’t want them to be in full view of your dining area. Aim for central placement, preferably with a partial viewing obstruction like a structure or grove of trees.
  • Use signage: When your restrooms aren’t immediately visible, using plenty of signage will ensure your guests can find them safely and quickly. Remember, your bathrooms will be almost as in-demand as the people getting married!
  • Dress it up: Finally, whether you pick traditional porta potties or spring for bathroom trailers, be sure to add personal touches to contribute to your theme. Fresh flowers, funny signs and vanity areas can make even simple bathrooms feel a lot friendlier to use.

Wedding porta potty rental in Reading, PA

At some point during the reception, your guests are going to need to go. When you need clean, reliable portable restrooms for your outdoor wedding, call Scotties Potties. Since 1987, we’ve been providing the Reading area with portable bathroom facilities, from traditional porta potties to luxury bathroom trailers. Make your event a success when you provide the best outdoor bathroom solutions. Call us today to learn more!

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