How Many Portable Restrooms Does Your Event Need?

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You want your event to be memorable because people have fun or learn—not because your porta potty situation becomes less than optimal. People will remember overflowing toilets and unsanitary conditions, and it can reflect poorly on your efforts for years. That is why it is a good idea to know how to determine the total porta potty rentals needed for your event in Reading, PA. Here are six factors to consider when calculating your number of portable restrooms:

  • Number of attendees and workers: If you need portable restrooms for a construction site, consider the volume of workers, suppliers and other foot traffic it may generate. You need to be prepared for the influx of laborers during critical steps. For events, you need an estimated attendee number, but do not forget event staff, contract security and other essential elements that will place more people on site. After all, vendors will need restrooms, too. If you need to estimate, err on the high side. You do not want to risk having too few bathrooms!
  • Length of time: Besides the event length, you also need to include the time staff will be on site before and after the event. The same is true with construction projects—besides the length of time you will be building, also consider shifts and how many people work during them. For longer events, if you do not have room for the recommended number of toilets, schedule regular cleanings. That helps the units last longer.
  • ADA compliance: The general formula for providing ADA-compliant restrooms is one handicap-accessible unit for every four standard porta potties. If you do not provide enough of these restrooms, you risk fines and can make a significant portion of the population uncomfortable. Also, if your event caters specifically to the older or mobility-impaired segment, consider more ADA restrooms. This may cost more in rental fees, but it will help build your event’s reputation in the long run.
  • Sinks: If your event is serving food, you need hand washing stations. Just like with ADA-compliant units, the recommendation is one sink for every four units. Some localities may require you to provide hot water at these stations, too. Double check these requirements so you do not face penalties for noncompliance.
  • Food and drink: If you are serving alcohol at your event, people will need facilities more often, and that often means providing more porta potties. The general recommendation is to add 15 to 20 percent more units if there are food and drinks—in other words, if your calculations recommend 20 porta potties, add another three or four units. Again, this is another better-safe-than-sorry circumstance, so err on the side of having too many rather than too few.
  • Space: If you do not have space for the recommended number of toilets, you may need to reconsider the size of your event. However, scheduling cleanings will mitigate this issue significantly. Depending on the number shortcomings, you can arrange for us to clean them once or twice a day, normally in the early morning and later in the evening.

Scotties Potties is ready to help when stay-in-place orders lift and events can resume. If you need assistance determining the total porta potty rentals needed for your construction site, event or outdoor business in Reading, PA, contact us today for assistance.

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