Managing Porta Potties in Bad Weather

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You never want to think about the possibility of nasty weather when renting porta potties for an event or long-term project, but strong wind gusts are just as unpredictable as torrential downpours. The good news is that we’re experts when it comes to porta potty upkeep in the rain in Reading, PA. This post will teach you everything you need to know about preparing for and dealing with porta potties when the weather is less than perfect.


Though a slight breeze won’t be the end of the world for porta potties, strong gusts can present significant problems. Follow these steps to prepare yourself if there are strong winds in the forecast:

  • Rent study potties: The first tip for porta potty maintenance in wind in Reading, PA is to get durable units! Flimsy walls may fall over and unsecured roofs may blow away if heavy gusts of wind roll in. All of our porta potties at Scotties Potties are durable and able to withstand any hard winds.
  • Secure the units: Instead of simply placing the porta potties on the ground, it’s a good idea to secure them with stakes and to tie them all together. Taking these measures makes it almost impossible for the units to tip over in the wind.
  • Set up a barrier: Ensure the wind never makes it to the porta potties by setting up some kind of barrier. The easiest way to do this is by parking vehicles or heavy-duty machinery around them.


With spring showers undoubtedly on their way, it’s important to understand good porta potty upkeep in the rain in Reading, PA. Here’s how you can get ready for rain:

  • Check for flaws: Upon delivery, perform a quick check to ensure there are no obvious cracks or defects in any of the porta potties. Any imperfections can lead to a leak during a rainstorm.
  • Construct a cover: You can prevent any leaks by putting a cover over the porta potties. Even something as simple as a tarp can stop rain from getting inside the units.
  • Proper placement: Be careful where you have the porta potties set up. For example, never place them at the bottom of a hill, as heavy rains could lead to a mudslide that’d wash the potties away.

Rent from Scotties Potties!

Getting your porta potties from the experts at Scotties Potties! These are a few of the many reasons why our customers rent from us:

  • Variety of products: At Scotties Potties, we’re proud to provide customers with a wide selection of portable toilets to choose from. We offer three sizes of units that in a few different colors to suit your needs and preferences.
  • Expert set up: Upon delivery, we’ll set up your porta potties in the right location to minimize the risk of weather-related incidents.

Whether you need to rent handicap portable toilets or you need porta potty maintenance in wind in Reading, PA, be sure to choose Scotties Potties! Give us a call today to learn more about all of our services.

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