What Is a Wastewater Tank?

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Scotties Potties is not limited to portable toilets. We also provide water supply and wastewater tanks to camping and RV sites in Reading, PA. This is a cost-effective and sanitary option that makes managing water and waste needs much easier when your campsites can reopen. After all, not everyone is an expert on wastewater tanks. Here are common questions we receive and an overview of how we can help you with your water supply and wastewater needs.

What is a wastewater tank?

A wastewater tank, or wastewater tank system, is designed to handle and treat influent wastewater through biological, chemical or physical means. When a guest at your RV site clears their sanitary systems, the waste moves into a wastewater tank, where it is stored and treated in a safe manner. Later, you or your service technician pumps it out and empties it for disposal.

What regulations affect wastewater storage?

The EPA considers wastewater tanks underground storage. For that reason, they are heavily regulated to ensure the health and safety of people, animals and the environment are never in danger. There are requirements for location and how deep the tanks can be installed.

That is why it is important to consider delegating this task to a professional. As we regularly manage these tanks and have the equipment to do so effectively, you avoid compliance issues by working with us. Also, we stay current on regulations as they change, which is not easy for those who are not in the industry.

What applications demand wastewater tanks?

Scotties Potties manages smaller scale wastewater needs. However, there are tanks designed for industrial specialties, reclaimed water for reuse, digesters and sludge storage, and clarifiers. These are large applications that often require the construction of permanent structures. Depending on need, tanks are designed based on their exposure to hazardous waste and durability requirements.

How large of a tank can we rent from you?

Scotties Potties has 110-gallon water tanks and 250-gallon waste tanks for rent. The water tanks provide non-potable water, so please note that you will have to find another solution for drinking water needs.

How often do wastewater tanks require service?

Besides providing tanks, we also service them. Rental includes pumping and refilling the tanks routinely so you can rely on them and avoid sanitation hazards. While we normally provide this service every one or two weeks, we can adjust our visits to your needs. But in most cases, every two weeks is sufficient.

We are taking a hit from coronavirus lockdowns. Can you work with our budget?

Yes! We offer competitive rates and will work with what you have rather than try to upsell you. When circumstances improve, we can always provide upgraded services later. But for now, we will do what we can to help you maintain sanitary premises and meet local requirements.

If you are interested in renting wastewater tanks in Reading, PA without the hassle, Scotties Potties can help. Contact us today for an estimate and to get your site ready for gatherings and travelers.

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