Common Myths About Portable Toilets

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Anyone over the age of five is undoubtedly familiar with portable toilets. These simple-looking structures are used in a variety of situations to house unwanted waste. By and large, portable toilets are immensely useful when they’re put to proper use. Unfortunately, however, there are several myths surrounding the state and quality of portable toilets. There is no need to be worried, though—most portable toilets are perfectly clean and safe.

Here are some of the most popular portable toilet myths in Reading, PA, debunked.

Porta potties are just for big crowds

Just because the most common place you find a portable toilet is at a big event or on a construction site doesn’t mean that they’re only useful in those situations. They’re great when you’re remodeling a business or a home, and they’re perfect for camping or fishing trips. Professional football teams have even hired out portable toilets for training drills during the preseason.

Portable toilets are dirty

Everyone has been inside a portable toilet that’s made their stomach turn. For the most part, however, portable toilets that are cared for properly are sanitary. In fact, most modern portable toilets come equipped with hand sanitizer stations (at a minimum) to help users prevent the spread of disease. Taking some other steps can help as well—for example, when you’re renting a portable toilet, you should change out the waste tank if it’ll be used for a prolonged period.

“I only need one or two”

One of the primary reasons why portable toilet myths in Reading, PA like “portable toilets are dirty” get started is due to bad planning. That is, when someone requires the use of portable toilets for their business, they often think too small and order too few portable toilets. There are few quicker ways to watch a mess build up in your porta potty than by having too few of them to use when they’re needed.

Portable toilets are smelly

It’s an undeniable fact that human waste is unpleasantly pungent. It’s a part of life. But just because waste is smelly doesn’t mean the area around your portable toilets needs to be polluted. New products can help break down waste and eliminate odors that are caused as a result. With the right kind of preparation, using a portable toilet doesn’t need to be an uncomfortable experience.

Portable toilets are a step down

For the longest time, portable toilets have been regarded as “lesser than” when compared to a traditional indoor restroom. That’s not always the case, though. There are several models of portable toilets that provide the same amenities as a conventional indoor model. With the addition of a mobile hand-washing station, you can increase the comfort and improve the overall hygiene of your portable toilets.

Get to know portable toilets

At Scottie’s Potties, we’re out to buck all these portable toilet myths and more in Reading, PA. We want to provide all of our clients with efficient, hygienic service on every single job. Visit us online or give us a call today to see how Scottie’s Potties can help your next event.

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