How Often Should a Construction Site Portable Toilet Be Pumped?

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Cleaning and maintaining portable toilets at a construction site is just as essential as having them in the first place. The problem is knowing how often to schedule construction toilet maintenance in Reading, PA, though. Waiting too long to call leads to a whole host of issues, while having them serviced too frequently is a waste of money.

Since every site is different, there’s no definitive answer regarding the frequency of pumping toilets. However, we generally recommend having the toilets serviced at least once a week. The ideal frequency depends on several factors, including the number of units on site and the number of employees using them.

What are the dangers of improper maintenance?

As mentioned above, having unclean porta potties on a job site is a big problem. These are a few of the reasons why:

  • Unsanitary conditions: A dirty porta potty is a hotbed for germs and pests, such as flies. The germs don’t just stay in the porta potty, either—they’ll spread across the worksite, potentially causing illnesses. Regular maintenance reduces the germs in a unit and helps keep everyone safe.
  • Compliance issues: According to the United States Department of Labor, employers must establish a routine cleaning schedule for all portable toilets on a job site. The last thing you want as a manager is the government cracking down on you for failing to comply with labor codes.
  • Unhappy workers: Neglecting the portable toilets is an easy way to cause problems among a construction crew. Not only will morale be low if the toilets are dirty, but you could find yourself mixed up in a lawsuit for violating OSHA regulations.

What does maintenance entail?

Proper construction toilet maintenance in Reading, PA includes more than simply pumping the waste from the porta potty—that alone wouldn’t leave customers with a fresh and clean toilet. Here are the steps we take to clean our toilets:

  • Evacuation: We start by pumping out all the waste from the holding tank using a vacuum-style hose. Once it’s all sucked up, the waste is safely stored in our sanitation trucks. After all of the units are pumped, we bring the waste to a treatment facility.
  • Charging: Next, we add a few gallons of chemicals to the holding tank, which both control odors and help keep the unit germ free. This is the blue liquid you’re likely familiar with seeing in portable toilets.
  • Scrubbing: The walls, floors and interior doors can get quite dirty throughout the week. To keep the unit as clean as possible, we scrub everything down with disinfectant. The porta potties look and smell as good as new after we’re done washing everything down.
  • Restocking: Finally, we restock each unit with a few rolls of toilet paper. If applicable, we also provide construction sites with extra hand sanitizer and paper towels.

Whether you need to rent a luxury portable toilet for an event or want to schedule construction toilet maintenance in Reading, PA, be sure to call Scotties Potties. We provide a thorough cleaning that guarantees a safe and comfortable space to take care of your business.

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