How Are Porta Potties Cleaned During Multi-Day Events?

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If you’ve ever run a major event before, you know just how many issues you need to keep track of. Part of putting on a successful event, especially a large-scale outdoor event, is making sure you have all the proper amenities, such as portable toilets.

However, it’s not enough that you just have portable toilets on site—you also need to have the correct number, and if it’s a multi-day event, you need to make sure those portable toilets are cleaned regularly so the guest experience doesn’t deteriorate as the event stretches on.

With this in mind, here are a few tips for how to clean porta potties in Reading, PA during multi-day events.

Consider the number of guests

Before you can plan out a thorough cleaning regimen, you’ll need to make sure you have a reasonably accurate estimate for the number of attendees. The more people you’ll have, the more portable restrooms you’ll need to provide. In addition, depending on the type of event, you might need specific types of restrooms to provide the proper experience.

A portable toilet professional will be able to help you estimate how many toilets you’ll need based on the number of attendees. Having the proper number of toilets will not only help you create greater attendee satisfaction, but also make it easier for you to keep the facilities sufficiently clean.

Consider the style of toilet

There are several different types of portable toilets for you to choose from, and the cleaning methods you use will depend on the style you have. There are standard porta potties, enhanced access portable restrooms, portable restrooms with baby changing stations and even luxury restroom trailers.

All of these restrooms will always be delivered in a state of complete cleanliness. The more sophisticated the portable toilet, the more time you’re going to need to clean them, as there will be more areas in need of cleaning.

Establishing a routine

Once you know the number and style of toilets you’ll have, you can devise your plan for cleanings during the event.

You may be able to get away with simply doing all of the cleaning at the end of each day, or before the start of each day, depending on how late the event goes each day or how early it starts. If you have sufficient assistance with cleaning the portable restrooms, this will allow you to start each day fresh.

It may become necessary, though, depending on the number of attendees, to set aside some time during each day for cleanings in the middle of the day. In this case, you’d need to stagger the closures of portable toilets to make sure there is still sufficient availability while cleaning is happening. In general, though, the best strategy is to wait for the end of each day, so you can get all the cleaning done at once while there are no attendees on the event grounds.

For more information about cleaning porta potties during multi-day events in Reading, PA, contact the team at Scotties Potties.

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