Why Do All Porta Potties Have Blue Liquid in Them?

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Everyone out there has used a porta potty at one point or another. They’re actually a more integral part of life than you might at first think—consider that they’re present at many of the most fun times in our lives, including concerts, fairs, sports tournaments, weddings and other functions in the country as well as the city.

Porta potties are a critical resource that help us keep these venues clean and safe, and while they might not be the first thing you think of when you think of “fun times,” they sure help make them possible. Keeping them clean requires a multi-faceted approach by our team members, and the blue liquid that’s in every unit plays a key part. At Scotties Potties, porta potty liquid in Reading, PA is a critical part of how we’re able to do what we do. Read on to learn more!

What is that blue liquid anyway?

You might have noticed that just about every porta potty that you use has blue liquid sitting in the tank area where waste is deposited. Many of our customers can probably guess what it is, but others are surprised to learn that it’s actually a powerful disinfectant liquid. It’s both a deodorizer and a disinfectant, which means it has a critical part to play in dealing with waste, which can quickly smell (especially in warmer weather). This blue liquid in Reading, PA is extremely important to keeping our porta potties clean and comfortable for all of the customers at Scotties Potties.

What does the blue liquid do?

It’s no secret that a porta potty can be a smelly place. Hotter weather can make this problem all the worse, which is why it’s imperative that your local porta potty provider takes steps to mitigate these problems before they even start. The blue porta potty liquid in Reading, PA is an absolutely critical part of this function. Not only does this blue liquid disinfect the tank area of our porta potties to some extent but, just as crucially, it’s an extremely powerful deodorizer that helps to stop any odor issues in their tracks. Formaldehyde actually used to serve this function in large part, but over time our industry has thankfully moved on to more environmentally-friendly alternatives.

How else can blue liquid help?

Porta potty liquid in Reading, PA can have some bonus benefits that many customers might not be aware of. We can add things like enzymes and microbes that will help break down organic waste the second it hits the liquid. This function also means that the porta potties can be more self-sufficient and not have to be emptied nearly as often.

At Scotties Potties, working with porta potties means we provide a critical service while also working as stewards of the environment. This blue liquid plays a big part in our work—it helps ensure we can provide an experience for our customers that’s pleasant, clean and green. Give us a call today and we can talk more about how our process is environmentally friendly and cost effective!

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